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Speed Up, Slow Down- Unique Watch for Father’s Day

 Time is such a funny thing, isn’t it? You’re always simultaneously wanting it to speed up and slow down. At least that’s how’s it’s been for me these past 6 months. Wanting the days to go more slowly as to fully enjoy the days of my daughter being a baby. Wanting the days to hurry up and pass by so that my husband can be home from deployment. 

Beautiful and Unique Watch for Father's Day Gift

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Married Single Mom

I haven’t blogged about deployment at all, to be honest I don’t even really talk about it to my family and friends all that much. About 90% of the time I’m fine but at the same time it’s always a thing. He’s always not here, it’s always in the back of my mind. Recently I read this article and realized that being a married single mom is totally a thing, a thing that happens to apply to me. My husband left half way through my pregnancy and got to come home for about 3 weeks after she was born to which I realize I’m luckier than a lot of military wives. However, he won’t be home for good until sometime this summer which means for over half of the first year of her life I have been/will be a single mom even though I’m married.

Monroe Imagery

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Lustful for Things

Before coming to know Jesus I tried to fill the God-sized hole in my heart with things. I was lustful for things, clothes I wouldn’t wear, journals I wouldn’t even write in, candles I wouldn’t burn. You name it, if it was pretty I wanted it. Now that I know Jesus as my Savior I know that no amount of stuff can bring me joy, only He can do that. But my habit of wanting things is a harder habit to kick than I thought. When I have a bad day I can sometimes find myself wanting to go buy something to make me feel better instead of just turning to God in prayer.

lustful for things
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Happy Thanksgiving friends! I’m beyond blessed and unfortunately sometimes I forget that until this time of year rolls around.

Since starting back up blogging around mid October and really giving this a go I’ve had over 2,000 views and around 1,000  visitors to my little space in the vastness that is the internet and it is blowing me away! So for those of you taking the time to read this or any of my other posts, I am thankful for you. I can’t wait to see how this blog and myself continue to grow!

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What I’ve Learned

The process of getting our house was rather quick. Garrett and I both lived with our families before we got married but his mom was moving to Florida the May before our September wedding. Therefore, G needed somewhere to live. We looked into apartments but most of the rent was more expensive than a mortgage so we decided to look into houses. One cold February Saturday we went to look with our realtor and saw about 5 or so houses and we picked ours. We looked one day, that was it. After a lot of going back and forth we got it, and our close date was April 3rd (I think). Plenty of time for Garrett to get moved in before his mom had to move. (If I could go back I think I would’ve picked one of the new houses we looked at but God clearly had us in this house for a reason or else we wouldn’t be here.)

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It’s Been Awhile

How in the world is it already half way through October of 2015?

Some days I feel like I have all the time in the world but most days I’m struggling to keep my head above water. What I really hate though is that I’ve let things that don’t make me happy wiggle their way to the top of my priority list because I feel like I have to do them.

Not any more. Life is too short, it just is. I have idea after idea stored up in my mind and project after project stored in my garage (and I’m pretty sure my husband would like to start parking in there again, sorry babe).

So I’m going to go after those projects and redo those rooms I want to and start making my house somewhere that is visually pleasing a relaxing to me so that I can love living here even more. Which I truly love living in the house that I do, no matter how small and imperfect it is. It’s the man and the dog that I share it with that make it so full of love and life and that’s why I love it. But I’m a girl that likes to work with her hands so I’m going to do the things I love to make the place I love living even better!

And I’ll document that here along with other tid bits of life and I hope you’ll stick around to see what we’re up to. I’m excited to be back at this space because this is something I love to do too and I want to make this as beautiful as possible as well.

Until next time,