Introducing: The Print Shop

Hooray it’s today! The grand opening of The Print Shop!


Let me tell you a little bit about the shop and my heart behind it with pictures of what’s available sprinkled in!

I’ve always loved words and I love them more when they’re in a pretty font. When hanging something on my walls I have to stop myself from making everything scripture or a quote. So from this shop you can naturally expect to see quote and verse prints!


 I am the vine watercolor and typography print

I’ve mentioned on here before that I work a full time day job to help us pay the bills even though I long to be at home, creating. I found myself drawing and doodling at work as a creative outlet.


keep on creating hand lettered print

Once I discovered PicMonkey I loved playing around to see what I could create. And I would read tutorials and blog posts to learn more and more and eventually I learned how to make art through typography (and the legal aspect of it) as well as turn my hand lettering into art.


chocolate typography print

And once I got Adobe Illustrator it became 10000000000 times easier.


hand lettered coral & navy notecard bundle

My goal one day is to be at home working for me, with this blog and this shop. I had so many doubts for such a long time, the world, the enemy, and even my wicked heart told me I would never have a job creating. But my God reminded me of Genesis 1:26

Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth’. “


blessed is she typography print

I’m made in His image and His likeness. I was driving when God hit me square on the forehead with this. He is THE Creator, how could I possibly think that He didn’t make me to create in His likeness.


you will find me bigger typography print

This was the most freeing thought and I found my mascara smeared across my face.


bloom typography notecard bundle

God’s plans are always so much better than mine.

My hope is that you’ll feel encourage and uplifted when you see these prints in your home or when you write a note to a loved one. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of joy I feel every time a print comes off my printer and honestly just pure awe at how gracious and merciful our God is.


the best memories are made at home typography print

One more thing to tell you about this little Etsy shop of mine, because of the season of life I’m in the shop is digital only. Meaning when you purchase a print (or notecard) you’ll receive the digital file in your email and then you can print it off at home or take it to your local print store like kinkos. All the prints and notecards in the pictures are physical copies that I printed off in my office on the highest quality setting my printer offers on white cardstock.

  This is fun for two reasons: 1) it’s cheaper for you 2) you get it instantly, no waiting on shipping!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to offer physical products.


hooray it’s today watercolor and typography print

This is just the beginning! I’ll add more prints as God gives me the ideas to make them. I’d love to have you join me over on instagram to be updated when new prints become available and to see behind the seasons action like Lady being super adorable.

And if you’d like, you can subscribe to our feed by clicking here, you’ll receive a free print plus a discount code off your first order. No spam, I promise! Just updates on blog posts and special discounts that won’t be offered anywhere else!

 If you’ve read this far, thank you. We’d love to see you over at the shop and if you find something that fits your fancy please share it with me by using #LLKprintshop

Until next time,


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