Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

Have you ever really wanted to take on a project but you’re kind of afraid so you just read about 5,376 tutorials on Pinterest and try to give yourself a pep talk? And then you finally go for it and you pull it off and you do a little happy dance every time you see said project? That’s exactly how I feel after I painted and stained my kitchen table!

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

This was graciously given to us by my aunt and uncle, they had an extra table in storage they weren’t using and we didn’t have a one. However, I wasn’t super crazy about the color of the wood but we were just glad to have a place to eat other than the couch (not that we don’t sometimes still eat on it).


Once we finally painted our kitchen I wanted to change the color of the table even more. I figured with all the curves in the legs and chairs, sanding it down and re-staining the whole thing was a little advanced for my resume.

After scrolling Pinterest I finally decided what I wanted to do.

The stain is Minwax Walnut and the paint color is Grayish by Sherwin Williams. I turned the paint into chalk paint (I telling y’all I’m out of control with the chalk paint lately) I almost got the whole thing done with one sample size but I had one coat left on ONE chair when I ran out of paint!

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

As you can tell my sanding job wasn’t as great as I thought it was (ha!) but my husband and I actually really love the way it looks! It gives it a weathered and rustic look! To finish I put two coats of Polycrylic on to seal it! Other than it being a lot of surface area to cover it was a really easy project! Turns out I was nervous for no reason!

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

(diy faux chalkboard tutorial here)

If you’re not loving your kitchen table and wish you could diy it too but are feeling a little scared you can do what I did and practice sanding and staining scrap wood or painting an end table. Start out small and boost your confidence, it worked for me! After I finished painting that first piece of furniture and it didn’t look a total mess I was hooked! And to quote the Nester “Don’t be afraid to ruin something you already hate.”

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

This is probably my largest project to date other than painting my kitchen cabinets (that was during my blogging hiatus) and I’m so excited to finally share it with y’all!

Painted and Stained Kitchen Table

Until next time,


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21 thoughts on “Painted and Stained Kitchen Table”

  1. It’s beautiful! It makes me want to do our dining room table…we got it from the previous renters at our current place and it’s just old and blah – although we love it for the size!!! I’ll have to start planning to take care of it. 🙂

  2. Love it! I have almost the exact same table and would love to do what you did. What grade of sand paper or sand block did you use?

    1. To be honest I don’t remember! I do know it was a more course grit so I could really get through the finish of the table top, probably 150 or maybe less

  3. What kind of sander did you use on the table top and what grit sandpaper? I, too, have this similar toned table and chairs.

    1. I borrowed a black and decker mouse sander from a friend, it’s been a while so I don’t remember what grit I used but it was probably 150 or maybe less so that I could really get through the finish on the table! I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Candice, I usually do about 2 tbsp. Plaster of Paris, add water to that (I kind of just guess it but the more the better otherwise it’ll be too thick), stir out the clumps and then add a cup of paint. You want your chalk paint to be more runny than regular paint. Just be sure to add enough water so that the paint doesn’t thicken up into a putty type substance (I’ve done that more times than I care to admit!) Hope this helps!

  4. This looks great! I just found a nice oak table on Craigslist today that I will eventually be staining and painting. Did you sand down the chairs before applying the chalk paint?

  5. I’m redoing my kitchen table now! Did you stain, then add the blackish paint on top of the stain, and then sand down again. Then seal?

    1. Hi Sarah! I didn’t add any black paint it’s just how the table accepted the stain, probably because I didn’t sand it well enough! It ended up being a happy accident! Good luck on your table!

    1. After over a year of use they have held up great, no chipping! And we’re not gentle on them at all! The key is to seal it with at least two coats of polycrylic!

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