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“You’re a mess. Let me clean you up”

“You’re a mess. Let me clean you up” were the words I said to my 20 month old as she fought me when I tried to wipe away the bbq sauce and sweet potatoes that were covering most of her body. I’m sure I’ve uttered those words, or at least some version of them, before. But for some reason this time they were speaking to me.

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5 Questions to Answer Before Giving Birth

This post is sponsored by Cord Blood Registry®, CBR, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

From the moment you even think about having kids there’s a million questions to ask and they of course need an answer. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever stops. Parenthood seems to be a never ending series of question marks! But some questions can be more pressing than others and these five are ones you want to answer for yourself before giving birth.

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Clear the Clutter: Photo Organization

We’ve slowed the pace down and are now doing one area a month for the Clear the Clutter Challenge. We left off with bedrooms and this month is photo organization! Which is something I desperately needed to tackle. This is sadly going to be my last month participating in hosting the link up, I’ll have more details as to why toward the end of the month! But for now let’s get to talking about photos!

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How to Transition From Co-Sleeping to Crib

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A monumental day has come, my little one has slept through the night in her crib! Since she was about six months old and we became accidental co-sleepers I’ve kind of been longing for this day! I won’t sugarcoat it, making the transition from co-sleeping to crib wasn’t easy. In fact there were a lot of tears involved (for both her and me). But we did it and I’ll tell you how!

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We Went Screen Free for a Week, Here’s What Happened

TVs, cell phones, and tablets have become a part of our daily lives! It’s kind of a scary fact that the average adult spends 4 years of their life looking at their phone. I’m not sure entirely where the idea to go screen free with my 14 month old came from, it was honestly probably a combination of sources. But once I got the idea in my head to go screen free with her for a week I couldn’t get it out.

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Clear the Clutter: Guest Bedroom Organization

It’s the last consecutive week of the Clear the Clutter Challenge before we slow things down to once a month! It’s been amazing getting some major areas of my home organized but it’ll be nice to slow the pace down as life picks up! Last week I shared our play area organization and this week I’m sharing our guest bedroom organization!

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Favorite Healthy Snacks for Older Babies


If you know my daughter you know she LOVES to eat. Like she does a happy dance when you put food in front her. She also demands for us to share our food with her! As she’s grown and nursed less she’s been wanting snacks more, what can I say she gets it honestly. I know as a mom I can hung up on not having any ideas for what to feed her especially healthy snacks. So I thought I’d share our go to favorite healthy snacks for older babies in case you’re in need of some snacking inspiration!

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Clear the Clutter: Play Area Organization

We’re on week three of the Clear the Clutter Challenge! Only one more week until we slow things down to just once a month. It’s been so great getting a few major areas organized to kick off the new year. Last week we organized our closets and this week we’re tackling kid spaces. I’m excited to share my play area organization with y’all!

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