Second Trimester Recap

I hit 28 weeks this past Thursday, officially putting me in my third trimester! And no one is more surprised than me that this pregnancy has flown by so far! Although I have a feeling it’ll start to slow down as I approach my due date!

I thought it might be fun to recap my second trimester more for me to be able to go back and read later on as I start to forget than for any other reason! I wish I had thought to do it with my first trimester but it was basically 13 weeks of exhaustion and some nausea.

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Patriotic Gender Reveal + Free Printable

Fun red, white, and blue patriotic gender reveal party theme! Perfect for July gender reveals or babies of servicemen!

In July we hopped on the trend train and had a gender reveal party! Some people think they’re over done now but I think they’re fun! We also had a dual purpose with ours as it was also an opportunity for family and friends to give their well wishes to my husband before he left to serve our country, which is how our patriotic gender reveal got its theme! Continue reading