5 Questions to Answer Before Giving Birth

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From the moment you even think about having kids there’s a million questions to ask and they of course need an answer. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever stops. Parenthood seems to be a never ending series of question marks! But some questions can be more pressing than others and these five are ones you want to answer for yourself before giving birth.

5 Questions to Answer Before Giving Birth
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I remember in my third trimester sitting in the bath tub after working all day with my swollen feet propped up, I was staring down at my big belly, watching my sweet girl kicking away. So many questions running through my mind. What will she look like? What will she be like? When will she come? I think that was the hardest part about being pregnant for me. Not knowing when they’ll decide to make their entrance!

In a crazy turn of events she came early due to preeclampsia. I’m so glad I had already had the car seat put in and our bags 90% packed! And I’m glad I had already thought through some important questions before I gave birth.


Your answer might be an automatic epidural, and I don’t think you’d be alone there! As long as you know what you want going in. My take was that I would attempt to give birth naturally unless it just became too much. I was not opposed to having an epidural but wanted to try and do without if I could. Because of the preeclampsia my midwife advised me to get the epidural to keep my blood pressure down. I’m glad I did. And to be honest with any future babies I’ll probably opt from the get go to get one!


This is a pretty big question! You want to be selective of who will get to witness your child’s birth. I highly advise you make the call beforehand and let your family members know so no feelings get hurt when your kicking people out right before you push!

I had to have a Plan A and a Plan B. My husband deployed when I was 22 weeks pregnant and we weren’t sure if he would make it back in time. So my Plan A was my husband and our photographer Meagan (who took these amazing photos). Plan B was my mom and Meagan. But CB ended up coming sooner than we thought! My husband was at the airport and Meagan was at her day job. It turned out to be my mom and best friend! Which went great, although I would have still preferred my husband!

5 Questions to Answer Before Giving Birth
Photo by Monroe Imagery


Cora Beth’s birth was such a whirlwind I didn’t even get the delayed cord cutting like I had wanted. And I don’t think cord blood and cord tissue banking even came up during my prenatal care, which I was so surprised by once I learned more about it.

Cord blood and cord tissue, which contain powerful stem cells, come from a newborn’s umbilical cord and are collected immediately after birth. It’s an easy process and preserving your newborn’s stem cells may give your child or an immediate family member the ability to use the cells, depending on the condition and other factors, for current cord blood therapies current cord blood therapies. In the
future, there may be other potential applications like regenerative medicine.

Since I wasn’t well informed on cord blood and cord tissue banking we obviously didn’t bank it for her. But when the day comes for baby number two it’s something my husband and I will most certainly be considering using the company Cord Blood Registry (CBR).

CBR believes passionately in the power of healthy families and has many options to make it affordable for you, including payment plans or a gift registry option where friends and family can contribute toward the cost of preserving newborn stem cells… They also have the Newborn Possibilities Program®, which assists families with a qualifying medical need by covering all costs for preserving their child’s newborn stem cells and storing them for 5 years.

If you’re expecting or hoping to be in the near future I encourage you to learn more and fill out your information to receive a discount code for $200 off of the initial fees! You can also watch this helpful video that helps breakdown how it works.


Knowing how you plan to feed your baby before they come is really important. If you decide to breastfeed you’ll need to make sure you have nursing bras, nursing pads, and lots of snacks for you on hand! If you choose to do formula you’ll of course need bottles and formula at home. You’ll be able to request a visit from a lactation consultant while you’re at the hospital if you choose to breastfeed. I highly recommend you see them, they help a ton! And if breastfeeding doesn’t work out, DO NOT feel guilty about it! A fed and healthy baby is what’s important!


Will baby sleep in their crib from the day you get home from the hospital? Will they sleep in a bassinet by your bed and then transition to their crib? Or will you co-sleep for as long as baby wants? There’s a lot of options when it comes to where baby will sleep. We opted for her to be in her crib from the get go. However, that changed and she managed to whoo her way into our bed around 6 months. Next go around we’ll do a bassinet and then transition to a crib. Those newborn days with feedings every 2 hours is rough! I want to get out of my bed as little as possible next time. And whatever you do decide don’t be afraid to change your mind to what ends up working for your family!

While I know you’re probably overwhelmed with questions while preparing for your baby, just take a breath! I promise it’ll all be wonderful once that sweet babe is in your arms. And know that whatever you decide could change, as birth is extremely unpredictable. But take some time (maybe in a nice bath) to ask and answer these questions before giving birth!

And if you already have little ones I’d love to hear your birth story in the comments (seriously they’re my favorite)!

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5 Questions to Answer Before Giving Birth


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