5 Tips to Organizing Baby’s Room

Organizing Baby's Room Baby Clothes

I remember coming home after my baby shower feeling SO overwhelmed! Who would’ve thought that such a little person would need so much stuff! And while this being my first I probably have more than I truly need, organization still has to happen whether it’s your first or your fifth! Now that she’s almost 6 months old I feel like I finally have a system that works. I’m certainly not an organizing pro but I wanted to share with y’all 5 tips to organizing baby’s room! Of course this may vary from baby to baby and room to room but overall these tips should apply!

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How to Organizing Baby’s Room Closet

To find a place for clothes, bibs, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and blankets and more is enough to make your head spin but it can be done! We live in a pretty small house and I remember when we cleared out the guest room to turn it into Cora Beth’s nursery it felt so big when it was empty! But with the addition of each furniture item it got smaller and smaller! One thing we did to save on space is multipurpose her dresser as a changing table instead of having a separate piece of furniture! I also try to get the most storage bang for my buck out of the dresser but we’ll get into that in just a minute….


1. Group similar items together

Whether onesies, bibs, or bows keep these items in the same place so you’re not constantly having to look for a specific item in multiple spots. When it comes to clothes I keep onesies and pants together in the dresser and her “nicer” outfits such as dresses and cardigans hanging in the closet.

DIY Organizing Baby’s Room Dresser

Organizing Baby’s Room Diapers

Organizing Baby’s Room Dresser

2. Use bins to keep items together

Speaking of grouping baby items you’ll want some bins to help keep them together! Cora Beth’s dresser drawers are huge! There’s no way I’d be able to keep it all separate without the help of some storage bins! I found some at target that are half the height of regular fabric storage bins and work perfectly! I also use a reusable wipe container to keep all her medicine together in the diaper drawer. This way they’re not far from reach but also not rolling around every diaper change! Same with toys, we have a basket in the living room that holds her favorite toys for easy reach without the mess!

Organizing Baby's Room Baby ClothesDIY Organizing Baby’s RoomOrganizing Baby's Room Toys

3. Pack away or sell out grown sizes

There’s no use in having clothes that they can no longer wear taking up space! I keep a storage container in the garage and place clothes in them as she out grows them, and once the bin is full it goes up into the attic! If you don’t plan on having any more babies or you just really need some extra cash consider selling outgrown clothes to a consignment store.

4. Keep current sizes and future sizes separate

I keep only her current sizes in the dresser, so that’s onesies, pants, and pjs. The larger sizes of those go in a storage basket on the top shelf of her closet. To keep her nicer outfits that hang up in the closet separate I use these nursery closet dividers!

Organizing Baby's Room Clothes

Organizing Baby’s Room Closet

5. Keep extras out of sight

Most people don’t just buy one pack of wipes or diapers at a time, same with diaper genie refill bags. It’s always much cheaper to by several of these at once but you’re only going to use one or some at a time. I have an adorable box that was gifted to me at my baby shower that I use to store extra refill bags for the diaper genie, doggie bags for the diaper bag, diaper creams, and an extra lingerie bag (they’re great to wash items like baby socks, reusable nursing pads, and small soft toys!) And extra diapers and wipes get stored in her closet!
Organizing Baby’s Room DIYCloset Organization for Baby

I’m sure as she grows our system will change. There will come a day when I don’t have 7 different size clothes to store all once! However, when that day does come there will likely be many more toys to manage! Do you already implement any of these tips or is your babe’s room in total disarray?

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  1. Great tips! We keeps things super minimal in our home, but these tips pretty much apply to any baby room, I think! Love those free printables, too! Such cute patterns! xo

    1. Thank you Anna! I feel like I’m constantly purging items from our house but there’s always more of it, ha!

  2. Keeping it simple and minimalistic is key! We have ages 18months and younger boy or girls (we do foster care) and one nursery. so I have girl clothes on one side boys the other. White socks for both! and the girls i dress in layers instead of summer and winter.

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