A Cozy Place to Play When You Have No Playroom

Babies and toddlers have quite a bit of stuff, including toys! I’ve found that as Cora Beth is starting to play and move around more I wanted her to have a cozy place to play in our home where all her toys would be corralled together. Unfortunately there is no playroom in our 1300 sq ft home. And I won’t lie scrolling through Pinterest makes me quite envious of those that do! There are some super, super cute and functional ones out there! Maybe in our next home? But until then I needed to get creative for a solution to our no playroom problem!

Thank you to Lorena Canals for the natural and washable rug! As always my opinion is 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links. This in no way effects your purchase but I do receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Lady & Laura Kate!a cozy place to play with no playroom ideas I recently gave this hutch a makeover! My intention for it all along was to house CB’s toys, but it also has an amazing family history! I love that she’ll be playing in front of the same piece my siblings and I played in front of as kids! However, in creating this space I found were 3 necessities for having a cozy place to play with no playroom!

toy storage when you have no playroomA PLACE TO STORE TOYS

That’s probably pretty obvious. You’ll need a storage piece like our hutch or something simpler like an IKEA Kallax! And having actual containers for the toys is equally as important! Use clear shoe box containers for smaller toys. Pulling out only one container per day and rotate them each day is a great way to keep your little one from becoming overwhelmed or bored with the toys you have without needing to buy more. Larger toys are off to the side, I pull out one or two of those a day. Having the toys in one place and organized helps to keep things cozy (and it keeps your sanity!). 

ideas for toy storage with no playroomA PLACE FOR BOOKS

Having books right there in the play area really encourages me to read books with her. A large tub is perfect for housing board books and a simple basket for keeping favorites on display. You could also put up a few simple shelves to keep books on if you have the wall space!

no playroom solutionsA SOFT AND WASHABLE RUG

To me a rug really adds that touch of cozy to the space, plus you want somewhere soft for them to play. However, little ones are messy so having a rug that’s washable is pretty much essential. I’m pretty smitten with this ABC Natural Lorena Canals rug! It’s darling and educational. I can’t wait to teach Cora Beth her ABCs while she tots around it!

Not only are Lorena Canals rugs (and cushions!) machine-washable but you can also dry it in the dryer! Anyone else hate line drying things? I’ve already washed this rug twice it’s held up amazing well! Their rugs are handmade, use natural dyes, eco friendly and contain no VOCs. Therefore, their rugs are  perfect addition to your babe’s play space!no playroom place to play tipsplace to play with no playroomHaving a designated space for your kids to play is so easy to do even with no playroom! Being able to pick up her toys and put them away has kept my type A self very happy! I’m sure our space will change and adapt as Cora Beth gets a little older and more toys make their way into there home but at least for now its perfect!solution for no playroomHow cute are these flashcards?! My mom and her brothers used them as kids! And you can make your own DIY Rustic Photo Display!ideas for when you have no playroom

You can get your own “take chances, make mistakes, get messy” free printable!

cozy place to playSo, I want to know if you’re lucky enough to have a playroom or if you have no playroom and will be finding a spot in  your home for your kids to have a cozy place to play as well?

No playroom in your home? No worries! I share 3 tips to creating a cozy place to play, the perfect solution to not having a playroom!

No playroom in your home? No worries! I share 3 tips to creating a cozy place to play, the perfect solution to not having a playroom!


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“Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy” Free Printable

24 thoughts on “A Cozy Place to Play When You Have No Playroom”

  1. Love the storage idea for kids! It’s nice to be able to close the door on the toy when your little one is not around but she knows exactly where to find them when she wants them

  2. This was a good post! We once had a playroom for our boys but along came another baby, so he took over. I’m going to take your advice and make a little play area within our family room! That rug is so cute by the way!

  3. We currently don’t have a playroom, which has been a bit rough to get creative since we used to. We have made a little nook in the living room with a bookcase and some cube shelves. I love your hutch and rug and the special history the hutch holds!

  4. We have a small house as well so no big playrooms or bedrooms here. I love how you made this look adultish but also functional for children. A beautiful space.

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