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DIY Olive Branch Wreath

I have to admit I have a love affair. With wreaths. Boxwood, Magnolia, Eucalyptus. I’ll take one of each please! I don’t actually have all of them in my home but that’s mostly because for a normal size you’re looking at spending $40 or more (usually more). Even the smaller sizes are around $20. But when I came across these olive branches on sale I couldn’t pass them up for an easy DIY olive branch wreath! And good news it cost me less than a premade one!

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Nothing Fancy, Just Love & Flowers

My husband and I recently celebrated 10 years together. 5 years dating, 2 years engaged, 3 years married. I can’t believe the two 16-year-olds we once were, now have a house, a daughter, and a dog. And it feels as though it happened in the blink of an eye! And even though 10 years is quite the accomplishment, there honestly wasn’t much celebration had because life got in the way. Life seems to do that a lot for a military family like us. But you don’t need much for a thriving relationship, nothing fancy just love… and flowers. 

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DIY Over the Collar Dog Bandanna + Finding Their Furever Home

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NutrishFureverHome #CollectiveBias

If you own a pet you know how quickly the become a member of your family! That’s so true for our Lady! I realized I’ve never told how Lady found her furever home with us! Since I love putting bandannas on Lady (I feel like they help show off her sassy personality) I’ve also included a tutorial to make an over the collar dog bandanna! And I’ve got details on an amazing Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® sweepstakes (you could win up to $25,000) so keep on reading!

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Essentials for Transitioning to a Toddler Diaper Bag

Is it me or is almost easier to tote baby around while they’re still in your belly? I remember the first time I left the house my diaper bag was packed to the brim! But now that we’re approaching toddlerhood faster than I care to admit I’ve begun to transition my bag to a toddler diaper bag . Which thankfully contains fewer things!

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Healthy Tummy, Healthy Baby


Our breastfeeding journey is still going strong at 10 months. Due to jaundice shortly after Cora Beth was born we had to supplement formula for a few days. And once my milk came in we had to work at getting her to latch but once she did she wanted nothing to do with a bottle. My goal was always to breastfeed her to at least a year and now that milestone is only two months away and it’s an accomplishment I’m really proud of. Because breastfeeding is hard work! But I knew that if I could breastfeed it would be what was best to make sure my baby was a healthy baby.

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The Easiest DIY Laundry Room Shelves

One of the best things that’s ever come about in our marriage is that we’re laundry divorced. What exactly do I mean by that? I mean that my husband does his own laundry and I do mine (and the rest of the house). Once we got married he just kept on doing his laundry, he never asked me to and I never offered. It works for us and I plan to keep it that way. That’s just one less thing one my to do list! And while laundry isn’t necessarily one of the task I totally dread, I am doing it with a little bit more of a skip in my step ever since we put up these easy DIY laundry room shelves!

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The Best Bodysuit For Baby- Carter’s Sweepstakes

My sweet girl is about to be 10 months and now that the weather outside is mimicking what it was during those newborn days I can’t help but reminisce! You know that saying “the days are long but the years are short”? They’re not lying about the years being short but I feel the days are equally as fast. It seems as soon as I’ve washed a new size of clothes I’m just as quickly storing it away. One of my favorite pieces for Cora Beth to wear are Carter’s bodysuits. She’s had them for every size, and stage and season.

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Our Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

easy to do inexpensive kitchen updates

The best remedy for when you’re down about where you’re at is to look at how far you’ve come. While our house is far from where I’d ideally like it to be I’m having so much with the process of getting it there! The room that’s seen the most TLC is our kitchen. I didn’t want to call this post a “makeover” because, well, in my mind that would mean new floors, new appliances, etc. When what we’ve really done is just a few inexpensive kitchen updates!

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