Five Things to Put in Baby’s First Easter Basket

It makes my heart so happy to get to do an Easter basket this year! I didn’t really get excited about this past Christmas because I was still in a sleep deprived haze of the newborn stage that all Cora Beth got was a Cuddle + Kind doll that I didn’t even wrap (opps) and forget about Santa! So I’m definitely putting together my baby’s first Easter basket! Of course she’s not really excited about it but I am!

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I had a moment where I was a little stumped on what to put in her basket. There’s the traditional chocolate bunny, eggs filled with candy, and stuff animals but with a baby those don’t really work! So I came up with a short list of some items and you can put some of these in your baby’s first Easter basket as well!

What to Put in Baby's First Easter Basket

Board Books: I love books and I’m hoping to have a future book worm on my hands! Most babies enjoy seeing the different colors in the pictures even if they have no idea what you’re reading to them! I try to read to Cora Beth daily and she seems to really love it! Tip: Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls usually have baby and kid books for cheaper than places like Target!

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Bibs: You can never have too many (hello baby drool, spit up and purees)! How cute are these first Easter ones?!

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Teething Toys: We’re starting teething over here and baby girl is wanting to chew on anything and everything so I made sure to buy a couple teething toys! If your little babe is teething too these would make a great addition to their basket! I know that Sophie is quite popular!

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Food Items: In place of candy you can always include puffs or yogurt melts to your baby’s Easter basket! We’re personally not at this stage yet (we still have a few months) so I didn’t include any in Cora Beth’s but once she gets to that age I definitely want to try out the squeeze bottle which is suppose to be great for babies to eat smoothies out of! And how cute are those little Popsicle molds?! They’d be perfect for the warmer weather!

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Bath Toys: There’s not much cuter than a nakie baby playing in the bath tub! A bath toy or two would perfect for their basket!

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This is just a few ideas and there are certainly more! What did you put in your baby’s first Easter basket? I’d love for you to share with me in the comments!

I hope your family has a happy Easter!


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