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DIY Simple Twine Coasters

 I have strange love for coasters! There’s just so many options (especially the DIY kind!) and they add a little bit of décor to your table! I did have tile coasters that I made but Lady being a rambunctious pup typically knocks them off the table and I’m so afraid they’re going to break! So switched them out for these easy to make DIY simple twine coasters!

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DIY Wrapping Paper Vases

This might be the easiest thing I’ve ever done! What was intended to be a short trip into Michael’s ended up being an inspiration station to make these super cute diy wrapping paper vases!


I had been wanting a cuter way to display my pencils, pens, and brushes on our desk and had thrown around a few ideas when I came across some clear little vases that were about $2.49 each if I’m remembering correctly.

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