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Clear the Clutter: Photo Organization

We’ve slowed the pace down and are now doing one area a month for the Clear the Clutter Challenge. We left off with bedrooms and this month is photo organization! Which is something I desperately needed to tackle. This is sadly going to be my last month participating in hosting the link up, I’ll have more details as to why toward the end of the month! But for now let’s get to talking about photos!

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Clear the Clutter: Guest Bedroom Organization

It’s the last consecutive week of the Clear the Clutter Challenge before we slow things down to once a month! It’s been amazing getting some major areas of my home organized but it’ll be nice to slow the pace down as life picks up! Last week I shared our play area organization and this week I’m sharing our guest bedroom organization!

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Clear the Clutter: Play Area Organization

We’re on week three of the Clear the Clutter Challenge! Only one more week until we slow things down to just once a month. It’s been so great getting a few major areas organized to kick off the new year. Last week we organized our closets and this week we’re tackling kid spaces. I’m excited to share my play area organization with y’all!

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Introducing Clear the Clutter Challenge

Right about now you’ve either gotten all your holiday decorations up or are about to. Maybe it’s just me but this time of year I become hyper aware of how unorganized my home is. Probably because we’ve brought more things into our home from Christmas presents and now we have to find somewhere to put them. But our closets seemed to be filled to the brim. It’s easy to close the door and say we’ll do it later.

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A Cozy Place to Play When You Have No Playroom

Babies and toddlers have quite a bit of stuff, including toys! I’ve found that as Cora Beth is starting to play and move around more I wanted her to have a cozy place to play in our home where all her toys would be corralled together. Unfortunately there is no playroom in our 1300 sq ft home. And I won’t lie scrolling through Pinterest makes me quite envious of those that do! There are some super, super cute and functional ones out there! Maybe in our next home? But until then I needed to get creative for a solution to our no playroom problem!

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5 Tips to Organizing Baby’s Room

Organizing Baby's Room Baby Clothes

I remember coming home after my baby shower feeling SO overwhelmed! Who would’ve thought that such a little person would need so much stuff! And while this being my first I probably have more than I truly need, organization still has to happen whether it’s your first or your fifth! Now that she’s almost 6 months old I feel like I finally have a system that works. I’m certainly not an organizing pro but I wanted to share with y’all 5 tips to organizing baby’s room! Of course this may vary from baby to baby and room to room but overall these tips should apply!

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Nursery Closet Dividers- Free Printable

nursery closet dividers organization

While I was nesting and preparing for Cora Beth I got a little diy crazy! But in my swollen, exhausted pregnant self I had NO energy to blog so I’m finally getting around to sharing the smaller details of her nursery! While most of Cora Beth’s clothes are kept in her dresser I keep her nicer outfits in her closet! And I wanted some dividers to help separate the sizes but I didn’t want to buy any so I created these printable nursery closet dividers! The floral ones were made to go with Cora Beth’s floral nursery but I didn’t want to forget the boy mamas! Fingers crossed I’ll get to use the boy ones one day!

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