Choosing Our Name

I think one of the hardest decisions of pregnancy is choosing a name for your little bundle of joy! I mean they’re stuck with it their whole life, that’s a big responsibility! However, girl names have always been easier for me to pick out than boy names so we got lucky there!

There’s a little story behind our name that I want to share so I don’t forget! In November 2014 I started a new job, it was just a couple of months after Garrett and I had gotten married. I actually got to work with my mom which was really neat! My job was to sort paperwork as it came off a printer, all of us worked at a counter not in cubicles so we all talked all day long! I got to know the girl that sat next to me pretty well and being a newlywed many people would ask us about when we were having kids. I’ve always wanted to be a mom so I never had issues talking on the subject! The girl had 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. One day she told me that if she didn’t dislike her sister-in-law who’s name is Beth she would’ve named her daughter Cora Beth. I instantly fell in love with the name! And my mom’s name is Beth and I like my mom! Later down the road I came to find out that Cora was actually my husband’s grandmother’s name (I didn’t know this before because she went by Winfred and that’s something I’ll never understand)! So the name seemed perfect, both were family names and as the only person in my family who isn’t named after someone, having a family name was important to me!

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 Obviously I wasn’t pregnant and we weren’t even thinking about kids when the girl I worked with told me the name so I kept it tucked away until that day would finally come. It actually came sooner than we thought! When I was about 8 weeks pregnant Garrett and I took Lady for a walk and I brought up baby names. We talked about Cora Beth and threw around a couple of other name ideas but kept coming back to it. We also picked out a boy name which was quite the task, there finally ended up being one which we both agreed on and I’m sure if we are blessed with a sweet boy one day that it will be his name! By the end of the walk the names were decided!

Cora Elizabeth would be our girl and we would called her Cora Beth (Elizabeth is in both my mom’s and my sister’s name). And at 19 weeks when we went to find out the gender I was absolutely thrilled we would be welcoming a baby girl, our Cora Beth into the world!

And let me tell you, she’s not even here yet and I’m already so smitten with her. I have so many prayers and hopes for this sweet little baby and I simply cannot wait to meet her!

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