Clear the Clutter: Hall Closet Organization

I was so glad to have my kitchen and pantry organized last week! This week we’re tackling closets. We left that kind of open so that you have the freedom to choose which closet or closets you want to organize. Before we get to my hall closet organization, I’m excited to share our first features!

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Each week we’ll be choosing two spaces to feature! One will be a blogger from our link up and the other from our Facebook group!

From last week’s kitchen and pantry link up we choose Holly from Coordinator of Chaos! Her kitchen is so beautiful and she did an amazing job getting it organized! Be sure to go check out her post!

And from our Facebook group is Beth W. who just so happens to be my sweet mama! This is the pantry I got my snacks from in high school and college (and even now when I’m over there every week) and I have to say it’s never looked better!

Hall Closet Organization

For this week I choose to do my hall closets. One is a cleaning closet and the other is a coat closet. I have others that also need some TLC but they correspond with another area and I’ll get them when we reach that space!

Here’s the before shots for you.. you may not want to look directly at them.

Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!

And now to the afters. The cleaning closet looks 100 times better! Not a whole lot happened in the coat closet. But during the challenge there’s going to be some spots in our houses that need a major overhaul and others that need just a tiny tidying up!

Coat Closet

Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!

In the coat closet I simply upgraded my storage bins. I had been storing my cloth napkins and tablecloths in the kitchen cabinets but last week I decided they needed a better home. I ended up getting a bin large enough to hold my spare pillow covers, tea towels, and table linens. That way they’re close to the kitchen but not taking up valuable cabinet space.

As you can see we have a lot of electric cords. Most of them are HDMI cables that my husband is convinced we need to I chose to hang onto them. The rest is extra sets of ear phones (because ours seem to disappear often!), and chargers to items that we use but don’t need to charge daily!

And I’m still trying to decide if there’s a place for those pillows to have a home or if I need to just go on and donate them!

Cleaning Closet

Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!

Simple tips for hall closet organization!Simple tips for hall closet organization!I didn’t realize how bad this closet was until I saw the pictures side by side! The bin on the left side of the top shelf holds tools. Until we get some organization going on in the garage I prefer to keep them in this closet. One I don’t like going out to the garage and two this way I know where they are. It’s actually a bin within a bin. The small bin holds things like screws and nails while the actually tools surround that bin. But this way it’s all together without being a huge mess!

The top right bin is cleaning supplies that aren’t used often as well as extras. The towels  are the ones we use to wipe off Lady when she’s muddy from being outside. The bottom shelf holds some of Lady’s items and old wash clothes that I use for cleaning. I’d like to get some broom hooks, to get my swiffer and Bona off the floor, it’s on my to do list!

Hall Closet Organization Tips

Simple tips for hall closet organization!

  • Use a caddie for your cleaning supplies. If your not already doing this you should. It makes it much easier to tote from room to room when you’re cleaning!
  • Use bins. Bins are your friend on this challenge. Keeping like items together not only help to keep you organized but it’s much more visually appealing!
  • Hang your coats. A coat closet is no good if you’re not hanging your coats up. Sometimes when you’ve just walked in the door it’s easy to just leave your coat on the back of a kitchen chair, but trust me when I say taking the extra minute to hang it up will make a huge difference!
  • Give your shelves some breathing room. If something doesn’t have a place I typically just shove it in the first available spot I see. That ends up with overly cluttered shelves (and possible items falling on you!). Make sure not to cram your shelves full of things, even when organized. They’ll look much nicer with a little breathing room.
  • Clear your floors. Same as above, having a cluttered closet floor never looks nice. Try to find a spot elsewhere for an item and keep the floors as clear as you can!

And that’s a wrap for hall closet organization, I can’t wait to see y’all’s closets! If your a blogger be sure to link up below. Not a blogger? Join the Facebook group to share with us your space or use the hashtag #cleartheclutterchallenge and tag us on Instagram!

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I’m so excited for you to link up below! Not a blogger? Join the Facebook group to share with us your space or use the hashtag #cleartheclutterchallenge and tag us on Instagram!

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9 thoughts on “Clear the Clutter: Hall Closet Organization”

  1. Your closets look so much better! It is amazing what accumulates in them in a short period of time! Love your cleaning caddy suggestion–I do something similar with our bathroom cleaning supplies!

  2. Thank you for the sweet words about our kitchen! I’ll share my closet makeover soon! Loving this group – so much inspiration and encouragement!!! Thank you!

  3. Wow, your closets look great! Have you considered putting your pillows in a kitchen trash bag (or old pillow case if your little one could get at them) and sliding them under a bed? I do this with framed art to keep it clean and out of the way.

    1. That’s a great idea! They’re kind of awkward hanging out in the top of that closet, I’ll definitely do that! Thank you Lisa!

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