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We’ve slowed the pace down and are now doing one area a month for the Clear the Clutter Challenge. We left off with bedrooms and this month is photo organization! Which is something I desperately needed to tackle. This is sadly going to be my last month participating in hosting the link up, I’ll have more details as to why toward the end of the month! But for now let’s get to talking about photos!

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Jaclyn from organized both her office and master bedroom!Keri from gave some great tips on her master bedroom as well!


We actually don’t have very many printed photos. I think that’s probably a lot of people my age actually. Thanks to cell phones, you no longer have to go get filmed developed to get your pictures. You just keep them on your phone or computer and share it to social media!

simple and easy photo organizationBut for the few printed ones we do have I picked up a photo box at hobby lobby to keep them in. They don’t even fill up the whole box that’s how few there are!simple and easy photo organizationI do sort of have printed copies though. I use chatbooks to create small photo books of my favorite pictures. By simply “favorite”-ing my photos on my phone and once I’ve done 60 pictures they send me a new book for only $10! It’s an easy and great way to have physical copies of your pictures! You can use my referral link to get your first series chatbook for free!

simple and easy photo organizationOur cards were pretty messy too so I organized those while I was at it. I kept the special ones and tossed the more general “happy birthday” ones. I tied them up by occasion to keep them together. These are cards from our wedding, along with our save the date, invitation, and one of the thank you cards we sent out!


Where my real mess is on my computer! I had so many pictures and copies on copies on copies of the same photo in different places. It is a disaster! And the reason I say is and not was is because I’m still trying to get them all sorted out! But I have 2012-Oct 2016 done. My daughter was born in Nov 2016 and that’s where it gets crazy! We obviously got picture happy when she was born so I just need to sort through them all!

How I’m doing it though is I made a file for each year. And then each month within that year. Special trips and/or occasions get their own folder. That way everything is easy to find! Once they’re organized I plan to back them up on an external hard drive. I’m hoping to get it all finished soon!


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  1. Love the chat books & your digital photo organization plan!!

    a little typo: “Thanks to cell phones, you know longer…” I think you meant “no longer”? 🙂

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