Dining Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint

Welcome to part three of an unintentional series, I’ve just gone a bit chalk paint crazy! Today is a dining chair I picked up at the Nashville Flea Market… in July. If you’re doing the math then yes it did sit in my garage for more than 6 months. I’m pretty well known for that. But I finally got around to sprucing this bad boy up!

dining chair makeover with chalk paint

So here’s the before. I actually loved the color of the wood but it was too similar to the color of our floors plus we’ve already have too much plenty of brown going on in our house. In fact I’m trying to add more gray and white to balance it all out. But the fabric is horrid.


The seat stayed in the garage while I painted the chair but we’re actually going to talk about him first. The bottom of the seat looked like it had some water damage and I was honestly afraid of what I would find underneath the fabric. To my surprise it was velvet, in really nice condition! I left the velvet because I was really, really afraid of what would be under there. I added a new layer of batten to make sure it was extra cushy and then I took a scrap of the fabric I was using to cover up the scary water damage!

All that was left to do for the seat was cover it with the fabric I picked. It’s a twill fabric from Hobby Lobby, in white because I’m boring. I’m kidding, sort of but I didn’t find a patterned fabric I liked and I was ready to get this chair out of my garage!

dining chair makeover with chalk paint

For the chair I had to put wood filler in a couple of spots and wipe it down a few times to make sure it was clean but other than that, that’s all the prep work that I did!

dining chair makeover with chalk paint

I did two coats, and the most wonderful thing about chalk paint is that both coats can be done in one day! Once the 2nd coat was dry I took some sand paper and lightly distressed it.

This was my first time distressing something and it was actually fun and easy! Just go for it, you can’t mess it up I promise! To finish I took the chair outside and sprayed it with Polycrylic.

dining chair makeover with chalk paint

At first he was hanging out in our living room which is actually the purpose for which I bought him. Just so we could have another seat in there. However, he found his way into our guest room. It fit great in the corner at the end of the bed. I don’t actually anticipate anyone sitting in it but it’s there to lay clothes across or whatever a guest feels it’s purpose needs to be for them. And next to it is my beloved magazine rack! Seriously I love that thing!

And, I finally tackled a really large project that I’m super excited to share with y’all soon, until next time!

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Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint

7 thoughts on “Dining Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint”

  1. I love the update that a few simple steps makes!!! I don’t think I would have thought to paint a chair like that. I always love the look of them but find myself passing by because the color is just too dark. And side note – where did you find that amazing magazine rack?!

    1. Thank you! My mom worked at Michaels when I was in middle school but they closed the location down to move it and when they did the store was getting rid of them so she brought them home!

      1. That’s so fun! My mom was crafty as I was growing up too but she always made her own things instead of revamping a lot of them. Her updating came after I was old enough to be “in my own little world” and not pay a lot of attention. ha! 🙂

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