DIY Cake Stand

This is diy is so simple I almost feel silly posting it. It’s also nothing new, I feel like you could consider this a #throwbackthursday of Pinterest. It seems like there is a handful of projects I specifically remember the first time I logged into Pinterest, this is definitely one of them. But sometimes it nice to do something simple and east yet still beautiful!

DIY Cake Stand

So here’s what I started with:


2 ugly plates and 2 clear candle sticks from goodwill, cost me a total of $6. Sorry it’s kind of hard to see the candlesticks I probably shouldn’t have taken the picture on the news paper.

Enter major superhero here:



I love Rust-Oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint! I’m not going to lie I really wanted to spray paint everything that I possibly could inside my house after this project.

I sprayed in a sweeping motion and opted for more lighter coats verses fewer heavy coats to make sure that the finish product was nice and even. I let the top of the plates cure for a day before spraying the back because I was afraid that they would stick to the newspaper and ruin it. After the were all pretty and spray painted I let them cure a day or two (I had plenty of time on my hands but if you really needed to get this done faster you probably could but time is definitely a friend when it comes to the paint properly curing).

Enter superhero number 2:


I’m pretty sure this stuff could hold a bumper to a car. I put some E6000 on the top of the candle sticks and placed them in the center of the bottom of the plate. Again I waited a day to make sure the glue was nice and dry.

DIY Cake Stand


And that’s literally it! I used these in my Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape to display my pumpkins!

Please note that because these are spray painted you don’t want them coming into direct contact with food but if you put down some parchment paper or a doilie you should be fine!

The cookies in the photo are my almond cookies, you can find the recipe here! Let the holiday baking begin!!!

DIY Cake Stand


Until next time.

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