DIY Faux Framed Chalkboard

I have a love for quotes. I also have a love for displaying them in my house. And while I love to make printables I just don’t always have the time or energy to make one for every quote I happen to love. It’s just not practical. The solution to my problem? A diy faux framed chalkboard. I can easily swap out quotes as my heart pleases or tailor it to fit the current season or holiday!

We used a chalkboard for our wedding and then it got hung up in our kitchen/eating area. The little guy was about 11×14 in size and definitely got loved on but there were times when I wish I had some more room. So when we painted our kitchen I decided I wanted to hang a larger chalkboard over our kitchen table but those can get a little pricy. So a diy faux framed chalkboard it was!

Quick and easy diy faux framed chalkboard!

I like to go shopping at my parents’ house (yes, you read that correctly). My mom has kept so much over the years in their attic that a lot of times when there is something I need she already has it stored in there, which is amazing because she’s saved me a ton of money! When I told her my plans for a faux chalkboard and that I need a large frame she led me to the beloved attic. And that’s where I found this frame:

diy faux chalkboard

 I wish I would’ve gotten an actual before picture. The famous painting “The Singing Butler” was framed in it with a red velvet mat. A velvet mat y’all. It had been years since the painting had hung on her walls so off it went with me!

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There’s how I made over my frame which you may or may not need to do depending on which frame you choose/find for this project.

  1.  First, I painted two coats of gray chalk paint.
  2. Next, I put petroleum jelly over the detailed areas to allow the gray to show through.
  3. Then, I did one light coat of white paint to give a white washed look.
  4. Once the top coat is dry you can wipe the jelly off with a clean dry rag. I used a wet rag to distress it a little more.
  5. Finally, I dry brushed some brown craft paint into the details of the frame to make them pop!



Black Chalkboard Paint

Painter’s Tape

Paint brush (this one is my favorite)


How to make a Framed Chalkboard for your home!

How to: 

  1. First, I hung up the picture frame (this seems out of order but hang with me!)
  2. Next, mark the inside of the frame with chalk.
  3. Then, with painters tape I went around the chalk marks and taped about half an inch off from them to ensure that the edge of the “chalkboard” would be to framed chalkboard
  4. Paint in the chalkboard, 2 coats. I used Folk Art brand.
  5. Once the second coat is dry and cured (24 hours) it’s VERY important to color in the entire thing with chalk. This is to fill in any porous spots so that the first thing you write on your chalkboard doesn’t end up there forever!Easy DIY Chalkboard
  6. Finally, wipe it down with a dry rag and hung up your frame!

This faux framed chalkboard makes the perfect diy!

This faux framed chalkboard makes the perfect diy!

 I love how this turned out and I’ve been able to use it for so many occasions and holidays already!

Simple Easter Tablescape

Think you’ll try this out for your own home? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,



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Chalkboards can be expensive! In this Easy DIY tutorial I show you how to make a Faux Framed Chalkboard for your home!

11 thoughts on “DIY Faux Framed Chalkboard”

  1. Ha! It seems to be the season for faux chalkboard frames. I did one just last week next to the door, but mine is a big larger. I wanted to hide the dirty finger prints. I did it exactly the same as you, but instead of a frame I used crown molding. Brilliant minds think alike! 😉

  2. Laura Kate,
    I find it totally amazing that you shop your Mother’s House!!!
    Mom’s always have the best “stuff” e v e r!!!
    This frame is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    L o v e the quote. . .”my kitchen is for dancing’!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Cute craft Laura Kate! I love how versatile this is, changed out for any holiday simply by wiping it down and writing something else! Thanks for sharing how you went about making it with everyone at Talented Tuesday.

  4. Great tutorial and I love how you painted the wall. So easy! I’m about to make a chalkboard for my kitchen that has been on my to do list for about a million years! Can’t wait to get it done. Hopefully I’ll have it finished this week! 🙂 I would LOVE for you yo share this project with us at The Creative Circle Link Up if you don’t already link up with us 🙂 xx

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