DIY Fiesta Banner

Cinco de Mayo Banner DIY

 For some reason in Cora Beth’s baby book under holidays there’s a picture slot for Cinco de Mayo! While I usually go eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo it isn’t really a holiday I thought I’d have to document during my baby’s first year of life! I’m not one to leave a space blank though. So I figured if we’re going to celebrate why not go big! Go big or go home right? To help with the celebration I made this DIY Fiesta Banner to hang up!

How to Make a Felt Cinco de Mayo Banner

Can you believe that through out high school and most of college I refused to eat Mexican food? To be honest I’m not sure why, but the only Mexican food I liked was my mom’s tacos. All the time my friends wanted to go eat at Camino and I’d always opt out of going. Now, however, I’ve grown to love Mexican food! Give me some guacamole and a quesadilla and I’m a happy girl and a margarita doesn’t hurt either! It’s sad to think that I missed out on years of yummy food, but I’m still not a huge fan of queso dip (I’m weird I know).

DIY Fiesta Party Decorations

DIY Fiesta Banner

This fiesta banner could totally be made out of paper as well but I had some felt collecting dusting in my craft closet. Plus there’s something about felt and pom poms that make my crafter heart do a little flutter!

Materials :

Felt in the color(s) of your choice, I used the 8×12 sheets

Scissors or rotary cutter


Pen or Pencil


Embroidery thread


Pom poms

How to:

  1. Cut your felt to be 4 inches wide and 12 inches long.How to Make a Felt Banner
  2. Then, fold your felt in half and cut a diagonal line, long end at 8 inches and the short end at 6, roughly.DIY Felt BannerYou know have 2 possible options for a banner!DIY Felt Banner
  3. Next, draw out block letters onto white felt measuring about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and cut them out.
  4. Then, glue your letters onto the banner pieces (I used regular ole Elmer’s).
  5. Run two large stitches through each felt piece using your needle and embroidery thread.
  6. Then, run pom poms on each end with the needle (optional).DIY Felt Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Banner
  7. Lastly, knot the thread (several times) after your final pom pom is on to ensure they don’t come off.

DIY Fiesta Banner

While of course Cinco de Mayo is only once a year you could also use this banner to spice up your taco Tuesday! And making this banner has me so excited to chow down on some Mexican food! Even though Cora Beth isn’t eating solids yet she does love the bright colors! I guess I’ll just have to eat enough tacos for the both of us, ha! And yes I totally did snack on the chips and salsa while I was taking these pictures.

DIY Cinco de Mayo Banner

Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations

Happy Cinco de Mayo, I hope your’s is a real fiesta!

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DIY Fiesta Banner Fun! Make this perfect DIY decoration for your Cinco de Mayo Party or simply amp up your Taco Tuesday with just a few supplies!


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DIY Fiesta Banner Fun! Make this perfect DIY decoration for your Cinco de Mayo Party or simply amp up your Taco Tuesday with just a few supplies!
DIY a Felt Banner with Pom Poms!

14 thoughts on “DIY Fiesta Banner”

  1. I actually love that you used felt instead of paper! It gives the banner a little bit of flair that I am really loving. And I wish my table looked that pretty… #tablegoals 😉

  2. That banner is so cute! I love how easy it is to make, and how cheery it is! 🙂 I never at Mexican food growing up either (I was super picky, and didn’t like spicy things). Now I love it (well as long as it’s not too spicy, still don’t like lots of spice).

  3. This banner is so cute! I can’t believe how easy it is to make. Maybe I can make something similar to brighten up my office.

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