DIY Painted Desk- in One Easy Step!

It never fails for more than a couple months to go by before I get the itch to paint another piece of furniture! My latest furniture flip is this painted desk. We’re known to have hand me down furniture, and I’m known to paint it. This desk was no exception!

DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!This little desk has had quite the life! It started out as my sister’s then moved to my parent’s house. When I got married and moved out it came with us. It was perfect for our little office that I gave a makeover right before we found out I was pregnant. So then the guestroom became the nursery and the office became the guestroom. I kept the desk in the guestroom for a while.

Things were pretty cramped though. It wasn’t until I decided to sew a quilt that I had the idea to move it into the living room so I could watch CB while I sewed.DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!I really wish we had moved the desk into this little corner of the living room when we originally did all of furniture swapping! It just makes so much more sense here. And now with the desk where I can see it everyday I wanted desperately to give it an update.

DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!I have been wanting to paint the desk for a couple of years but was a little uncertain about painting it. It isn’t made of real wood which makes things more difficult, not impossible but more difficult. I have my method of painting that seems to work really well. However, I had heard of a paint called Fusion Mineral Paint by Homestead Paints and they were kind enough to send me some.

DIY Painted Desk

I did receive this paint for free but as always all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience. This in no way effects your purchase but I do receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Lady & Laura Kate!

Fusion Mineral Paint is similar to chalkpaint in that there is minimal to no prep work and it has a matte finish. But, it’s different in that there is typically no topcoat required!

DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!

It only took me 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Sterling, that’s IT! My normal route of painting is 1 coat primer, 3 coats paint, 2 coats polycryic. So what would have normally taken me 3 or more days only took 1! That’s a major win in my book! Now in these pictures all that’s on the desk is the two coats and it is holding up exceptionally well! Especially, our furniture tends to take a beating with a dog and a one year old! There are a few rub marks where the chair slides in and out. I’m considering trying out Fusion’s tough coat just for added protection when I get some time!

The pulls also got a little face light by layering antique gold and oil rubbed bronze spray paint until I got the look I wanted.

DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!

It’s amazing that this painted desk has given me motivation to get more work done! It’s the perfect spot to work, typically at nap time but if I have something that absolutely needs to get finished while CB is awake and she’s playing contently on her own I’m able to do it here and keep an eye on her!

DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints!

Thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints this was my easiest furniture flip to date! I’m anxious to get our living room walls painted to see how the desk looks then. It’s on our home project goals list but I’m not quite sure when we’ll get to it!

Have a project piece you’re dying to makeover? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Source List:

Lamp- Target

Frames- Hobby Lobby

Shutter- local store

Chair- Goodwill

Pillow- IKEA

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DIY painted desk in one easy step thanks to Fusion Mineral Paints! #diyhomedecor #diyfurnituremakeover


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25 thoughts on “DIY Painted Desk- in One Easy Step!”

  1. Cute desk! Question: Does the pain chip easily? I’m always worried about painting my furniture because I’m worried it will chip and the maintenance will be really high.

    1. Thanks Melanie! I haven’t had an issue with it chipping at all, I wouldn’t say I’m super hard on the desk but I don’t baby it either! But depending on the piece, proper prep is key!

  2. I love this! I have been on the hunt to find the perfect paint for furniture projects, and I’ve used Annie Sloan and the new Valspar paint so far. LOVE Annie Sloan, but the Valspar took way too many coats. I can’t wait to try this one next. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful matte finish! I love the pulls too. We are just starting out buying furniture, and hate to buy cheaply made…so there are a few hand-me-down pieces that have great lines but need some freshening for sure! Thanks for the inspiration today.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! It’s crazy what they charge for cheaply made furniture these days! Definitely breathe some life back into those old pieces!

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