DIY Ribbon Crib Mobile

This crib mobile is a perfect diy project for your baby's nursery!

I’m so excited to be sharing the tutorial of how I made Cora Beth’s ribbon crib mobile! I originally shared her mobile over at Pastels and Macarons. It’s such an easy project that adds a whimsical and girly touch to her floral nursery! But it could also be made for a boy’s nursery as well. I adore the way it turned out!

Finding out we were going to have a girl was about the equivalent of someone telling me it was going to be Christmas every day! The outfits, the hair bows, all the pink! Immediately started drumming up ideas for her nursery. I knew I wanted a mobile and I love some of the ones on Etsy. However, I knew I’d be able to create one for much cheaper than buying it already made.

This crib mobile is a perfect diy project for your baby's nursery!

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10 inch embroidery hoop

Ribbon in various colors and textures

Scissors (this pair is my favorite, they have a safety lock!)


Hot glue gun


How to:

  1. Start by separating the two pieces of the embroidery hoop, you’ll only need to use the inside hoop that does not have the top screw on it.
  2. Next, go ahead and tie two pieces of twine to the hoop to make an X, you’ll want them to be fairly tight. Make sure to trim off any extra twine after your knot is tied.
  3. Measure out your ribbon to double the length you want. I measured out mine be around 30 inches total which makes it roughly a foot long once finished.
  4. Loop the ribbon in half and place inside the embroidery to make easy crib mobile
  5. Then pull the ends of the ribbon through the hoop and pull tight. The ribbon should look like the picture.easy to make crib mobile
  6. Continue to loop your ribbon until the entire hoop is full. I found that some of the ribbon wanted to slide around and come undone. To solve this add a dab of hot glue behind the ribbon.
  7. Lastly you’ll cut a piece of twine to hang the baby mobile from. You’ll need to measure from your ceiling to around where you want the mobile to hang plus a little extra just to be safe! Then where the two pieces of twine that you already tied on meet you’ll knot the third piece several times. Trim away any extra once your knot is tied.crib mobile simple diy

The baby mobile is very light weight, I used a mug hook screwed in our ceiling to hang it from! Here it is finished, it’s the perfect touch to her nursery!

Learn to make this gorgeous and simple ribbon crib mobile for your baby's nursery!

Easy to make and beautiful ribbon crib mobile.

A big part of nesting for me was creating decor for her room. So whether your pregnant or your sweet babe is already here I hope you can find some inspiration in creating a ribbon crib mobile for your little one.


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