DIY Rustic Photo Display

DIY Rustic Photo Display Tutorial

I love having pictures of our family hanging in our home. I know in a lot of magazines and other blogs the homeowners don’t seem to have family photos hanging up. Maybe they take them down for the picture? Either way I love seeing our family memories displayed on the walls!
solution for no playroomHowever, this DIY rustic photo display came about because I needed something to display these vintage flashcards on for our cozy place to play! This project is actually pretty similar to the barn wood picture display I did awhile back. If you’d like to make it for your home, three 4×6 photos can be displayed on it as well! It was really easy to make, just one afternoon! And it was inexpensive, especially if you already have a few supplies on hand like I did! Win, win!diy rustic photo display, picture frame tutorial

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DIY Rustic Photo Display


Three .25×2.5×24 wood boards, you can get these from Lowe’s or Home Depot

Miter Saw

Wood Glue

Wood Stain, I used Dark Walnut, it’s my fav!

White/light gray paint, I used some from a sample pot I had on hand but craft paint works as well!

Bulldog clips


How to:

  1. Cut your boards using a miter saw. You’ll end up with 6 pieces: three 2.5×16 and three 2.5×8. Cut another half inch off of the 2.5×8 pieces to end up with three 2.5×7.5 boards.
  2. Place the wood glue between the three 2.5×16 and on the front of the 2.5×7.5 pieces so it looks like the picture below.

how to diy rustic photo display

3. Let the wood glue dry at least 30 minutes.

4. Stain the front of the photo display per instructions on the stain.

5. Once your stain is dry, simply dry brush some paint on to the board. To dry brush get the tips of your paint brush in the paint and wipe on a paper towel until its dry. Then brush over your board. If any spots seem like they have too much paint you can sand lightly.

6. Measure out and mark where you want your bulldog clips to go. 0.5 inches from the top and on inch mark 3, 8, and 13, see display how to7. Finally, place the bulldog clips in place with a thumb tack!diy rustic framerustic picture frame

I just love having the flashcards displayed, my mom and her brothers used them growing up! But I also like that I can switch them out for photos if I happen to decide to do so!

This easy DIY rustic photo display is the perfect quick afternoon project for you to show off some of your family pictures with some farmhouse style!


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