DIY Simple Twine Coasters

 I have strange love for coasters! There’s just so many options (especially the DIY kind!) and they add a little bit of décor to your table! I did have tile coasters that I made but Lady being a rambunctious pup typically knocks them off the table and I’m so afraid they’re going to break! So switched them out for these easy to make DIY simple twine coasters!

simple twine coasters tutorial There was huge roll of twine leftover from our wedding that I was staring at in the craft closet and the idea hit me to make coasters out it!  I already had all the supplies so a happy dance occurred (I love it when that happens)!

how to make simple twine coastersDIY SIMPLE TWINE COASTERS




 Hot glue gun


How to:

Find something circular in the size you want the coasters to be and trace around onto the felt. I used a candle that was just the right size!

Cut out the felt circles,

Folded them in half both ways to find the center, like so:

simple twine coasters how to

Mark the point on the end which will become your center.

Glue the end of the twine to the mark and slowly wrap the twine in a circle, gluing as you go until you finish it off (and if you’re like me you’ll burn your fingers… a lot).

 diy simple twine coasters

If this isn’t the easiest DIY I’m not sure what is! I absolutely adore how they turned out and now my heart doesn’t stop if Lady knocks them on the floor!

Hopefully you’ll give these DIY Simple Twine Coasters a shot! They’re perfect for complementing any coffee table! Thinking I might just go make another smoothie to set on mine!

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Just a few craft supplies are needed to make these quick and easy DIY simple twine coasters! The perfect complement to any coffee table!

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