DIY Wrapping Paper Vases

This might be the easiest thing I’ve ever done! What was intended to be a short trip into Michael’s ended up being an inspiration station to make these super cute diy wrapping paper vases!


I had been wanting a cuter way to display my pencils, pens, and brushes on our desk and had thrown around a few ideas when I came across some clear little vases that were about $2.49 each if I’m remembering correctly.

Next in the spark of this idea was the $1-5 aisle, it’s my favorite aisle in the entire store! They have the cutest black, white, and gold products there right now! So I picked up some of their wrapping paper at $2 a piece! My initial thought for this was mod podge but once I got home I thought double sided tape. Turns out I didn’t need either! The wrapping paper just fits down in there perfectly, and it stays!


I cut the paper to be 6.25″ tall and 6″ wide for these particular vases, rolled it up and voila!

I made three: one for pencils (the glitter pencils also came from Michael’s for $1!), one for brushes, and one for some paper flowers.The pencils and brushes were actually too short for the vase but by sticking a few cotton balls in the bottom the problem was quickly resolved!The pens ended up in a cute monogram mug from the same aisle as the wrapping paper and cost $4 or $5.

Here it all is sitting on the desk!


I’m swooning over black & white right now!


 Until next time!

Lady & Laura Kate

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