Embracing Co-sleeping

embracing co-sleeping

I recently heard someone say the first rule for sleep in their house is they don’t talk about it. Because as soon as they do her kids throw her for a loop! How true is that?! Sleep is such a talked about topic with babies. It seems as soon as their born people start asking you if their sleeping through the night (insert eye roll) and how often their napping.

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dockatot co-sleeper

dockatot embracing co-sleeping

A little over a month ago I wrote about how I wish Cora Beth would sleep in her crib. And it’s still true that I wish she would. But a part of that is because I feel like there’s such a stigma on co-sleeping and bed sharing that I felt like I was a bad mom by letting my baby sleep with me. I was also breaking one of those rules I made before I actually had kids. I finally just let it all go and after writing that post I decided to just embrace co-sleeping.

 Honestly, my biggest complaint of her being in our bed is that I don’t feel like I have any personal space! After talking with a few mamas a co-sleeper seemed like the way to go. I reached out to DockATot and they so graciously gifted us one to try out!

dockatot bedsharing

A few facts about DockATot:

It’s a  multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. All natural 100% cotton and tested for breathablitiy, so I don’t have to worry if she happens to roll to her belly during the night! There’s two sizes, Deluxe 0-8 months and Grand 9-36 months. We have the Grand and it’s been great! Plus they have the most stylish covers!

bed sharing with dockatot

After using it for almost a month I truly am a fan of the DockATot! Cora Beth gladly sleeps in it in our bed (with the exception of the really bad teething nights, Lord give me strength). I feel like I have my own space back without worrying about either of us rolling over on her, we know she’s snug in the Dock! And while this child does not nap, if she doses off after nursing I’ve successfully transfered her to the Dock on the living room floor. She’s napped up to an hour and a half while in the DockATot while all crib transfers were utter failures. It comes with a carrying case as well so we’ll be taking it with us to the beach next month for her to sleep in!

I have no idea how long our co-sleeping journey will last. I think we’ll all know when it’s time for it end. If your a mama who is struggling with co-sleeping know that it’s okay, don’t let the opinions of others affect what works for you and your family. And get yourself a DockATot, it really has been a huge blessing to help all three of us sleep!

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We finally gave up the fight and decided to embrace co-sleeping. DockATot has been the biggest blessing in making sure we all get sleep while bed sharing!

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