Hale Navy Painted Hutch Makeover

painted hutch hale navy diy

This hutch is a goodie y’all! It is at least 60 years old and it makes me so happy! I just love pieces that have a story. Turns out this hutch has a great one and it’s dear to my heart! My maternal grandmother got this hutch when her and my grandfather first started “keeping house”. I’m not totally positive if they received it new or if it was passed down to them.

This post contains affiliate links. This in no way effects your purchase but I do receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Lady & Laura Kate!painted hutch makeoverBut then about 28 years ago it was passed down to my mom. It was stained and my mom stripped the stain off. It was right after her and my dad built my childhood home, but the upstairs wasn’t yet finished. She says she remembers my sister and brother running around up there while she worked on it, I had yet to be born. painted hutch makeoverIt was in our living room and I’m told I played in front of it as a kid, I keep meaning to track down and see if there’s a picture of it! At some point it was moved into the kitchen which is where I ultimately remember it being and it housing all of my mom’s Dutch Delft Canalhouses.

painted hutch makeoverWhen we moved to the house I went to high school in it was put in the bonus room. I use to decorated it for Christmas! And then last month we took it from my parents’ house and brought it to our’s!painted hutch makeoverMy grandmother put the contact paper down, which was quite a job to get up!

painted hutch makeover

While I didn’t totally dislike the color the hutch was I did want to give it a little face lift to make it more my style! I did my typical routine of painting:

  1. Clean with a degreaser.
  2. Sand some, just to rough it up nothing major!
  3. Primer! This really helps to block out previous color and adhere well.
  4. Paint! I added 1 tablespoon of Plaster of Paris and 1/4 cup warm water to a cup of paint to make a chalk paint, it just sticks to the piece your painting better.
  5. Seal with Polycrylic. I used a satin finish this time, just keep in mind the higher the sheen the easier to clean!

painted hutch hale navy diyThe color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, I had it color matched at Home Depot. It ended up taking two sample pots. The top part of the hutch was definitely more challenging to paint! I ended up taking all the old contact paper out and putting in new contact paper I got from Lowe’s. And originally want to replace the pulls on the drawers but I couldn’t get them off!hale navy painted hutchpainted hutch hale navy diyAs long as I remember the left side latch has been broken and I don’t have any intention of fixing it. I wanted to keep a little bit of the original state of this piece and it just brings back memories! diy furntiure makeoverI love having this family piece in our home! And we’re continuing on the tradition of kids in our family playing in front of the hutch, see how we’re using it as a cozy place for Cora Beth to play!

An easy diy on painting a hutch to give it a complete makeover! This particular hutch was painted Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.


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  1. You did a fantastic job on it, I’m glad you will keep making memories with it! Just shows you how long a really good piece of furniture can last.

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