Favorite Healthy Snacks for Older Babies


If you know my daughter you know she LOVES to eat. Like she does a happy dance when you put food in front her. She also demands for us to share our food with her! As she’s grown and nursed less she’s been wanting snacks more, what can I say she gets it honestly. I know as a mom I can hung up on not having any ideas for what to feed her especially healthy snacks. So I thought I’d share our go to favorite healthy snacks for older babies in case you’re in need of some snacking inspiration!


Favorite Healthy Snacks for Older Babies

Apple Slices

I have to be careful of how much fruit I give her or else she ends up with an upset stomach because of the natural sugar and lots of fiber in fruit. This is a snack we usually share, and she ends up only eating about one or two slices total. And now that she’s over a year I’ll let her have a little bit of my almond butter as well.

Plantain Chips

We too our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic and I’ve also been on a mission trip there. Both times I ate a ton of plantains, and have loved them ever since. So the fact that my 14 month old loves them as well makes my heart so happy! We share this snack too and I dip them in some guacamole and I give her some as well, girlfriend loves avocado! Sometimes we make the plantain chips but I mostly do store bought (just be sure to read the labels!).

Kale Chips

Gotta get those veggies in! Raw veggies can be tough for little ones to eat though. Sometimes we make our own and sometimes I do store bought (again just be sure to read labels) but it’s yet another snack we both love! Just a heads up these can surprisingly get kind of messy!

Rice Square Cereal

I always make sure to have some of these on hand because they’re great to have for on the go! She loves rice square cereal and as far as cereals go the ingredient list is rather short and there’s nothing too complex on there! Since dropping our morning feeding she has some of these first thing in the morning to hold her over until breakfast gets made!

Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt Cups

This is new to our go to snack pile but it’s quickly become one of CB’s favorites! A brand we already loved, Happy Family, recently launched their new Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt Cups.

Healthy Snacks for Older Babies, New Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt CupsI personally waited until CB was closer to a year to give her dairy but babies can start to have yogurt once they’re eating solids around 6 months.  I also happen to be pretty picky to what CB eats especially if it comes in a package. However, I’m happy to say that the Whole Milk Yogurt Cups pass this mama’s test! The first ingredient listed is whole milk! These little cups have no added sweeteners, they’re non-GMO, and USDA Organic! They’re also mindfully made with probiotics and have Vitamin D. I think her favorite flavor is the banana and sweet potato, which is no surprise as she could eat her weight in sweet potatoes!Healthy Snacks for Babies, New Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt CupsYou can now get them at your local Walmart. They’ll be in the refrigerated section among other yogurt products so look for them there! And you can get $1 off using this Ibotta offer!Healthy Snacks for Older Babies, New Happy Baby Whole Milk Yogurt CupsDoes your little one love to snack as much as mine does? I’d love to hear what their favorite healthy snack is, we’re always looking for more ideas of healthy snacks for older babies!

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Favorite Healthy Snacks for Older Babies! #healthysnacks

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