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Our breastfeeding journey is still going strong at 10 months. Due to jaundice shortly after Cora Beth was born we had to supplement formula for a few days. And once my milk came in we had to work at getting her to latch but once she did she wanted nothing to do with a bottle. My goal was always to breastfeed her to at least a year and now that milestone is only two months away and it’s an accomplishment I’m really proud of. Because breastfeeding is hard work! But I knew that if I could breastfeed it would be what was best to make sure my baby was a healthy baby.

healthy tummy healthy baby with evivo

Part of breastfeeding is making sure I’m healthly as well. I take a couple supplements for my own health, B12, Vitamin D, a prenatal, and a probiotic. In fact a lot of times when I don’t take my probiotic my stomach will start to feel upset and nauseous. I know, from research, that so much of our health is rooted in our gut. But it never occurred to me that Cora Beth might also need a probiotic. 

 I wouldn’t call myself a crunchy mom (here’s a definition if you don’t know what it is). But I do, however, do a lot of research when it comes to my baby’s health. I want her to have the best chance of being healthy as possible! That’s why I’ve started giving her Evivo! 

healthy tummy, healthy baby with evivo


  • There are at least two children with food allergies in almost every kindergarten classroom (FARE)
  • Over one million children in the U.S. have type 1 diabetes (American Diabetes Association)
  • The rate of obesity doubles as children grow from toddlers to teens (CDC)
  • 9.6 million children under the age of 18 have eczema; of this total, 3.2 million children (33%) have moderate to severe cases (National Eczema Org)
  • The reason the rates of eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity in kids is on the rise is because a specific type of good gut bacteria called B. infantis has gone missing in many babies. And it’s not something that would necessarily cause symptoms that we can see from the outside.
  • Evivo is the only probiotic that’s clinically proven to restore baby’s gut to the way nature intended.
  • Evivo captures all the special nutrients from breast milk (that are otherwise indigestible by baby), and converts them into additional nutrients for baby.
  • The presence of  good gut bacteria before a baby is weaned from breast milk, gives them a better chance to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life.

healthy tummy, healthy baby with evivo


It’s simply activated B. infantis! It comes frozen, and needs to be kept in the freezer or refrigerator. Evivo is in a powder form that you mix with 3-5 ml of breast milk in the dish provided and feed to baby through the syringe.  Baby will take it daily just like you or I take a probiotic! Cora Beth drinks it right up!

healthy tummy, healthy baby with evivo

Every mom wants nothing more than a happy and healthy baby! I would have never known all this crucial information about my baby’s gut health if it weren’t for Evivo. And because I know how important gut health is I plan to give Cora Beth Evivo until she’s weaned. Be sure to learn more and if you’d like to try out Evivo for your little one, use code BLOG3151 to receive $10 off a starter kit!


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  1. We LOVE using these probiotics for my little one!! Especially since she has been on several antibiotics in the last year. WAY important to keep her gut healthy!

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