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It’s a new year which means New Year resolutions and goals are being made! While I’m still trying to figure out all the goals I have for 2018 there’s one area I have several, home project goals. A whole list in fact! I recently read that if you write your goals down for the new year you’re 40% more likely to achieve them. And why not make it cute to display on the fridge so I’ll see them often? I thought you might have some home project goals of your own so check the bottom of this post on how to get your own free printable!

Our Home Project Goals

Keep up with your home project goals with this free printable!

Update Master Bathroom

We have three bigger projects on the list and our master bath is one of them. It’s the only room in our house that is “untouched”. The cabinets are still the builder grade orange color and there’s nothing pretty about the room at all! The plan is to paint the wall and cabinets the same color as our hall bathroom. We’ll also be changing out the light fixtures, framing out the mirror and adding shelves over the toilet. This project is up first on the list! We plan on working on it in February so keep your eye out for posts on it.

Update Garage

Man, oh man. This one will be an undertaking! Our garage is quite a mess. It’s a little embarrassing actually because it’s sort of become a catch all. The plan for the garage is to clean it out really, really well, patch and paint, and get it organized! We’re hoping to work on it in April before my husband’s work schedule gets crazy for the summer. It’s something we’ve been meaning to get around to for a long time and it’s time we finally did it. My hope is it’ll be done just in time for the May Clear the Clutter Challenge.

New Paint and New Couch

Our living room is finally at a place where I feel like it’s starting to come together. However, it could certainly use a new coat of paint. I picked out beige when we first moved in and as I’ve learned more of what I like I’d much prefer it to be white. In addition to that we desperately need a new couch. The one currently in our living room is green that I picked out when I was 14 and my parents let us take it from their house. I’m thinking we’ll get this EKTORP from IKEA. We don’t have a ton of space in our living room and it’s a strange layout so I can’t really add any chairs. I’m hoping getting the sofa with the chaise will help to add another seat. We currently don’t have a timeline for when this will get done but I’d love for it to be sooner rather than later.

Other Small Projects

Get storm doors.

Fix broken tile in laundry room.

Clean and paint grout in kitchen and laundry room.

Add more plywood in the attic.

Pressure wash ALL the things.

Get organized via the Clear the Clutter Challenge

Goodness, we have a busy year ahead of us! I’m not positive whether or not all of these will in fact get checked off the list, but we’re willing to try. I’m really excited to make some more improvements to our home. It’s something I truly enjoy doing!

Keep up with your home project goals with this free printable!

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Keep up with your home project goals with this free printable!

So tell me, what home project goals do you have for 2018? I’d love to hear them!

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Keep up with your home project goals with this free printable!


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12 thoughts on “Home Project Goals- Free Printable”

  1. There is NOTHING like being a home owner and having dreams and visions of what you want your home to be!! We sold our home when we got new orders and are renters now and I have to say, I hate it. I don’t like feeling like the house isn’t “mine.” I hope you get your list finished by years end!

    1. Thank you Hanna! I love being able to do projects to make the house more “us”! I hope you’re able to own another home soon!

    1. Thanks Crystal! Hopefully ours will get replaced sooner rather than later in the year! I hope you get an update as well!

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