How Baby Wearing Saved My Sanity

When I was pregnant I put a baby carrier on my on my registry but I didn’t put much thought into whether I’d be a baby wearing mama or not. I figured it might be an easier way to tote her around in public but never really considered that I might wear her at home. Baby wearing is sort of a trendy thing to do, and so I think most mama-to-be’s add them to their list just as I did.

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I wore my daughter some as a newborn mostly because I didn’t want to put this cute new little person down! In those days she slept pretty regularly though and I’d let her nap in the rock n play.

If you’ve been reading along with my mama journey you’ll know somewhere around 5 or 6 months Cora Beth decided sleep was for birds! We’ve had no shortage of sleep struggles over here including the fact that this child DOES NOT NAP. At least detached from my body anyway. How baby wearing saved this mama's sanity! With two free hands thanks to LILLEbaby you'll get much more done with your sweet babe close by!So one might (or might not) ask how I get anything accomplished? Well, I get some blogging stuff done at night after she’s gone to sleep but since she sleeps in our bed I’m pretty much limited to what I’m able to get done since I can’t really leave her unattended. I know a lot of mamas take advantage of their child’s naptime to get things done around the house or have a little peace and quiet. But again she doesn’t nap. How baby wearing saved this mama's sanity! With two free hands thanks to LILLEbaby you'll get much more done with your sweet babe close by!Recently, I discovered that if I hold her and do a little walking back and forth around the house she’ll usually fall asleep! But I’m stuck holding her. Not a huge deal if I have an episode of Grey’s to catch up on. However, most days I’d like to check off a few tasks on my to do list.

Enter baby carrier.

I just strap CB into the carrier, do my walk around the house and she is out! In fact she usually falls asleep faster in the carrier and stays asleep longer (all the praise hands). Which means I have more time and two free hands to get some stuff done!

Things I’ve done while Baby Wearing:

  • Vacuumed
  • Washed Dishes
  • Eaten
  • Laundry
  • Set up props for a photoshoot
  • Used the bathroom (I wish I was kidding but I’m totally not)
  • Painted part of a piece of furniture
  • Written a blog post (I’m actually wearing her while I type this!)

And the list will continue to grow I’m sure! Y’all I’m being dead serious when I say baby wearing saved my sanity! I don’t know how people function without them!

Finding the right carrier for baby wearing

How baby wearing saved this mama's sanity! With two free hands thanks to LILLEbaby you'll get much more done with your sweet babe close by!There are A LOT  of carriers out there to choose from. I myself actually have 3 baby carriers. However, the LILLEbaby is by far my favorite! It is a soft structured carrier but it’s better than those similar to it on the market for a number of reasons.

  • Multiple carrying positions, you can carry from facing in to forward facing, hip carry and you can even wear your babe on your back! Seriously there are so many ways to carry your baby I had to watch a video to make sure I was carrying in each position correctly. Our favorite is facing in, she falls asleep every time!
  • There’s no infant insert but you can carry an infant in it.
  • A flip up/down head support that makes LILLEbaby work from newborn to toddler. No joke, from 7lbs to 45lbs you’ll get a lot of use out of it.
  • My number one reason? Lumbar support! Please and thank you!

LILLEbaby is known for the COMPLETE 6-in-1 carrier. Like I said you can get a lot of use out of just one carrier. I have the All Seasons 4-in-1 carrier. The front panel zips down to allow air flow during the warmer months or you can keep it zipped up during the cooler months. It’s perfect if you have a sweaty baby like I do!

To be honest I never dreamed that I would need another carrier but I’m so glad I got a LILLEbaby! The way the weight of my daughter is distributed on my body is so much more comfortable, I only wish I had one sooner!

If you’d like to purchase a LILLEbaby use this link to get $10 off!

How baby wearing saved this mama's sanity! With two free hands thanks to LILLEbaby you'll get much more done with your sweet babe close by!

I truly don’t know how I could make it through the day without my LILLEbaby carrier! Baby wearing has saved this mama’s sanity! Let me know in the comments if you’re a baby wearing mama and what your favorite carrier is!


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2 thoughts on “How Baby Wearing Saved My Sanity”

  1. I’m just a grandma asking for my daughter. How easy is the LILLEbaby carrier to put on? My daughter has tried a couple and not found one yet that is easy to put on and feels good wearing it.

    1. There’s a little bit of a learning curve to it, but the video I linked helped so much in learning all the different carrying positions. But I can put it on by myself even with the clip being in the back! I think as long as she practices at home before wearing out in public she’d be okay!

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