How to Change Up Your Wood Framed Sign- for less than $5!

So I have to admit, this is probably one of my more genius ideas. And I’m just so glad it worked! I love, I mean really love a good wood framed sign. Every good farmhouse has one and they make me feel like I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines. My main problem with them? Well maybe it’s no so much my problem with the sign as it is my own problem, but I don’t like that you can’t change them up with out replacing the sign entirely and well they typically run around $50. Not overly expensive but not super cheap either. Luckily in my stroke of genius I figured out a way to change up all of our wood framed signs and the best part is it’ll cost you about $5 (maybe even a little less)!

When I was decorating CB’s nursery for Christmas This sign had me stumped. While I 100% love this sign and it has so much meaning behind it, I really wanted some more in the holiday spirit to hang next to her Christmas tree. I also had this springy botanical print hanging in our kitchen. My Christmas decor budget was drying up fast but I didn’t really want flowers next to the wreaths in the kitchen window. And some how the idea came together to try using a poster board and an engineer print.

Easy and Inexpensive way to change up your wood framed sign!

How to Change Up Your Wood Framed Sign



  • Poster board
  • Engineer print of a printable of your choice (I got mine done at Staples, they cost around $3)
  • Double sided tape
  • Masking tape

How to:

  1. First, you’ll want to pick out the digital print of your choice that can also match the dimensions of your wood framed sign. For example a lot of wood framed signs are 12″x24″ or 16″x20″.
  2. Once you have your print picked out and downloaded, take it to a print shop like Staples. Most downloadable prints are 8″x10″ so ask them to make an engineer print of the size of your sign.
  3. With your print in hand head back home! Measure out your poster board to fit your wood framed sign. It’s also a good idea to cut it slightly smaller so that it doesn’t become stuck!
  4. Cut off any excess of your print and using double sided tape, tape it to your cut poster board. 
  5. Next, place a few pieces of masking tape onto your sign and place your poster board into the frame! 
  6. Yay your done! A little side by side before and after if you will..

Tutorial to change up your wood framed sign, for less than $5!

And this one from my kitchen

How to change up your wood framed sign for less than $5!

Can’t really have these spring botanical hanging out with my Christmas wreaths. The sign I originally bought from Hobby Lobby. And the replacement print is a download from Bless’er House. Also let me just say that it will NOT be perfect! So if your a perfectionist like I am I’m warning you now. I promise you no one will notice, besides it’s meant to be temporary!

Change up your wood framed sign for the holidays!

12″x24″ Wood Framed Signs

Now really quick let’s talk about the 12″x24″ sign. It’s something I created using PicMonkey, if you have a sign in your house that is this size it might be difficult to find a downloadable print for you to use. If you’re able and/or interested in how I sized it I’ll detail it below:

  1. First I opened a blank file in PicMonkey and sized it to 2100×1050. I really don’t remember how I calculated that sizing but it works so just trust me on it! 
  2. I created what I wanted it to say and saved it to my computer.
  3. Then, I opened a new blank file sized 2100×1575. This is what you’ll have printed as a 18″x24″ engineer print.
  4. Change the background to a different color, I did light gray.
  5. Open your created print as an overlay and fit it to the sides. 
  6. Once printed you’ll cut away the gray part of the paper to have it be 12″ in width (see step 4 above).
  7. Continue with steps 5 and 6 above!

It can be kind of confusing to create your own if you’ve never done anything in PicMonkey, Canva or Photoshop.

How to switch out your wood framed sign for less than $5!

So there is a simple and inexpensive way to change up your wood framed sign! Perfect for the holidays or just whenever you want to mix things up!

If you’d like to see how the rest of the nursery is decorated for Christmas you can visit this post.

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Ever get tired of the same quote on your wood framed sign? I found an easy and inexpensive way to temporarily change it up!


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  1. This is completely beautiful. I have to admit, I love the look of the sign after you changed it. We don’t have any wall signs at the moment, but I may find something that will easily adapt like you have.

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