How We Told Our Families

I thought it might be fun to share how we told our families we were pregnant as well as how I told my husband! Since this is our first pregnancy I wanted to do it in a fun way without just blurting it out which is also a more difficult way since you have to keep it a secret at least for a little bit!

How I told my husband:

When I noticed my period wasn’t arriving on time (which should’ve been on a Sunday) we agreed I’d wait until that Friday to take a test. However, I’m way too impatient and ended up taking the test on Wednesday while he was at work!


When the word pregnant was staring back at me I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to work in just a couple of hours and didn’t want to share the news over the phone so I quickly made a note using PicMonkey and put it in a box along with the positive tests! I then hid it so I could give it to him once I got home! He was speechless for about two minutes! Neither of us could believe we were going to be parents!


How we told our families:

I found out I was pregnant on April 6th and was about 4/5 weeks along. We knew we wanted to get confirmation from the doctor and wait until we were a little farther along to share, even with family. On April 22nd I had my first OB appointment and my first ultrasound and was confirmed to be 7 weeks along! Mother’s Day was right around the corner so we knew it would be the perfect time to share!


 I made cards to give to my mom, my grandma, my sister (we were also celebrating her birthday that day), my mother-in-law and (not pictured) one to mail to my father-in-law and his wife.



Inside each one had a picture of the ultrasound and a similar message! There were lots of tears of joy shed!


Pretty much everyone was a little shocked (but overjoyed) by the news since we were not trying! But God’s plan is so much better and I’m so ready to meet this little person!

The photos in this post are what we used on social media to share the news to our friends and acquaintances!

The second secret we’ve been keeping is the gender! We’re having a going away party for my husband (I’ll explain another time) and are announcing the gender then since most of our family and friends will all be together! I plan on sharing pictures from the party and whether we’re expecting a little boy or girl!

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