The Time I Put Hydrangeas in My Christmas Wreath

Wednesday I posted about making Lady a first Christmas ornament but it’s also our (mine and Garrett’s) first Christmas as a family. That means all our decorations are “new” (at least to us) and everything we do is a first, like having wreaths on our front door.

Hydrangeas in My Christmas Wreath

Truth be told sometimes I run low on my creativity meter or I just don’t feel like putting a whole bunch of effort into a project. Sometimes less really is more. While this is my second Christmas post this wreath was one of the last decoration items I did for the holiday season. So when our front door still looked like fall while the inside of our house looked like a winter wonderland I finally had to decide what to do for a wreath and I actually really struggled with it.

A few year’s ago my mom use to stick these hydrangeas into her Christmas tree, it was very different and also very beautiful. So after a day of Black Friday shopping and finally buying a wreath but nothing to decorate the wreath with, my mom & I went digging through her decorations. We found glittery snowflakes, ribbons galore and the old hydrangeas she use to use. I decided to keep my wreath simple and use her old hydrangeas. I took a little bit of the Christmases of my past to my new home in the process. I truly do love the wreath because it’s beautiful and meaningful and it took all of 5 minutes to make.

And that’s the time I put hydrangeas in my Christmas wreath.

Hydrangeas in My Christmas Wreath

Until next time!

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