Leaving the House with Baby Made Easier Thanks to Binxy Baby

Does anyone actually go into motherhood full prepared? I’m pretty the answer is a resounding no. But I think there are some aspects of being a parent that we are more or less prepared for. There are a lot of areas I felt under prepared for but the top three of those? 1. How much I would question myself. 2. How hard breastfeeding would be. 3. How hard it would be to leave the house with a baby. 

Those first few months I felt like moving a mountain would’ve been easier than a trip to the grocery store with a newborn! Seriously though, when they’re so little you just want to keep them in their car seat but then where do you put your groceries? Then once they’re a little bigger you don’t want to carry them in the car seat anymore but they’re still not sitting up where do you put them? I wore Cora Beth but I was sweating to death by the time I left the store! While I know they now have online ordering for groceries and you just pick them up, my grocery store kept making mistakes on my order. Plus every new mom does need to get out of the house sometimes!

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart HammockY’all, I’m not even kidding when I say I so wish I had known about Binxy Baby earlier. It is a shopping cart hammock and would have saved my sanity in the newborn days! 

A few facts about Binxy Baby:

  • It’s safety tested.
  • Fits most standard shopping carts (including Target!).
  • It can hold up to 50lbs.
  • It’s intended for use up to 6 to 8 months in age.
  • There’s a place to attach toys to.
  •  They have the most adorable prints so your little one can ride in style!

How it works:

  • Hook the clips on either side of the cart.
  • You loop and secure the side straps through the ring.
  • Then you can either place the infant carrier in it and secure with the attachment strap.
  • Or you can place baby directly in it and buckle them in!
  • Once baby is in you still have your whole cart space to place your items in! 

Shopping Cart Hammock Binxy Baby

Binxy Baby Grocery Cart Hammock

My sweet girl is reaching the max on this but it’s still been extremely helpful! If she’s asleep when we get to the store placing her in the Binxy Baby allows her to stay asleep while I grocery shop! Like I said I wish I had known about it before now but I KNOW I’ll be using it so much when baby number two eventually comes along!

Grocery Shopping with Binxy Baby

If your a mama who also found leaving the house with a baby can be more difficult than you really ever imagined you should most definitely give Binxy Baby a try! I think all us mamas are in favor of making shopping trips easier! Plus you can receive 10% off by shopping through this link! Now, who’s ready for a Target run?!

Binxy Baby Leaving the House Made Easier

Thank you so much to Binxy Baby for sponsoring this post! As always my opinion is 100% my own. This post does contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting brands that support Lady & Laura Kate!

If your a mama who also found leaving the house with a baby can be more difficult than you really ever imagined, I have found the solution for you!


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  1. I was thinking about getting one of these for my sister. At first I was nervous because I have a feeling she is going to have a big baby but I see now that it says they can hold up to 50 lbs. I love this and wish I had one when my daughter was little.

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