Less Time In the Kitchen, More Time with Family

Truth be told I’m not a great cook. On a regular week night we typically have grilled or baked chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and some green beans. Quick and easy but far from exciting. When Garrett was deployed I was cooking solely for myself and therefore I could cook once and eat for a week. And when it’s just you, you don’t seem to care quite as much as long as you eat (especially with a crying baby in the next room)! 

A big gracious thank you to Gobble Inc for sponsoring this post! As always my opinion is 100% my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Lady & Laura Kate.

easy dinner kit gobble incOnce Garrett got back from deployment I realized I had forgotten how to cook for more than one person. And so we were either having our super boring meal or I was spending a ton a time in the kitchen, which I don’t like to do. I want to be spending more time with my recently returned husband and my sweet baby girl. Less time in the kitchen, more time with family. Nonetheless we still have to eat.gobble inc dinner kitcooking with gobble incI was so excited to learn about Gobble! They’re a company that delivers prepped and portioned ingredients with just a little cooking involved. Gobble meals are made to go from kit to table in 10- 15 minutes. And typically only one pan is needed, yes please! When looking over their weekly menu I was quite impressed, these meals were something that looked like what I would order at a restaurant. No way would I be able to make it look like the picture and it take that little time. 
no meal prep with gobble incless time in the kitchen with gobble incOur box arrived right in time to start cooking dinner that night. The handy instruction card takes you step by step of what to do, which I desperately need. And low and behold a short time later I had plate a beautiful meal and that tasted amazing The next night I had even more confidence cooking and again turned out mouth watering! By night three I felt like I was ready to be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen! 

gobble inc less time in the kitchenI was so impressed with how easy Gobble’s meals were to cook! The ingredients for all three meals came so fresh and kept well in the fridge. If you’re thinking about trying Gobble (which you most definitely should) you can get $50 off your first order! Once you’re subscribed you can view up to 5 weeks of menus in advance.

more time with family with gobble incless time in the kitchenI had so much fun in the kitchen cooking things I’ve never cooked before. Having family dinner each night is so important to me. Even Cora Beth eats when we eat. But I love that I got to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my family around the table thanks to Gobble!


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Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family without sacrificing delicious homemade dinners! All thanks to Gobble meals!

12 thoughts on “Less Time In the Kitchen, More Time with Family”

  1. Mmm so delicious! I’m definitely into minimizing time spent in the kitchen! Quality time with kids and family is so hard to come by in the busy-ness of every day life.

  2. Each one of these dishes look amazing! I love how each meal takes such a short amount of time! More time to play with the kiddos

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