Lessons in Quilt Making

I can’t believe it but I actually made a quilt! I’ve wanted to make one probably since around 2014. No idea why, I just always thought it would be neat to make one. There’s just something cozy about a homemade quilt. This is not a tutorial by the way because when I say I pretty much had no idea what I was doing, I mean it. A good friend of mine has a mother-in-law who quilts and she showed her how to make one. Once she had made one I had her show me how and then pretty much text her for every step as I was making it! Bless you Lexi! But I actually got more than I bargained for with this project of mine.

I can be so ridiculously type A at times. Everything I make needs to be “perfect” but even the most gorgeous handmade items have slight imperfections which makes them unique! For the life of me though, I nitpick my work and try and try to get it just right! This quilt, however, is so perfectly imperfect and I don’t think I would’ve been able to see that if it weren’t for my husband reminding me to give myself grace. While I set out to just simply sew a quilt the Lord actually used it to remind me of a couple of things and I wanted to share them here.

It’s okay to do hard things.

I’m so SO bad about putting off projects I’d like to do because I think they’ll be hard. Usually I get around to doing them once I’ve taken a month or several to work up the courage to go for it. They’re never as hard as I had made them out to be in my mind. Doubting my abilities is definitely a down fall of mine. Sometimes it’s just easier to avoid doing something that gets me out of my comfort zone. To push it out of my mind and say it’s okay if it doesn’t get done. But I was reminded it’s GOOD to do hard things. It’s IMPORTANT to do hard things. LIFE is hard. Doing things that seem difficult is how we grow and learn and improve our skills. I’m a lot better at painting furniture now then I was the first time I did it.

Yet, I worry I’ll ruin whatever project I’m working on every time I pick up a paint brush. Even after I had painted my kitchen cabinets I was nervous to paint my bathroom cabinets! I had already done it before, why was I nervous? Like I said I need to work on not doubting myself so much. If I do ruin it? So what! It’s just a “thing”.

Things are meant to be used.

While in the middle of making this quilt we were needing to sit down and do our budget now that my husband is home from deployment. Just saying the word budget makes my brain hurt. I think budgeting comes easily to some people especially those that are savers. But unfortunately my husband and I are both spenders by default. I’ve written on the blog before how I am lustful for things. It might sound silly but I itch for things as an addiction. When I get something new I get a dose of endorphin that gets me excited and after a while they wear off and I need to buy something new to get it back. It’s something I constantly struggle with.

One day on Instagram I was watching stories and one from @alizalatta popped up. And she quoted her yoga teacher in saying “People are meant to be loved, things are meant to be used”. And the Lord used that to really speak to me! I quickly realized that I was making my quilt in the hopes that it would be something I love, to satisfy that endorphin high that I get from “things”.

I’m so glad that the Lord called me out on that for a couple of reasons. One because I needed a heart check desperately. There’s no amount of stuff on this earth that can bring me true lasting joy, only Jesus can do that. And two I was likely to be upset with the quilt because it wasn’t perfect or I would love it and it would sit in a basket or on the back of a chair and never get used, afraid that it would get “ruined”.

But instead it isn’t perfect and it gets used! Cora Beth and I have snuggled up underneath it and watched Finding Dory and Moana (for the millionth time) and I don’t worry if she drools or spits up on it because it’s meant to be used! My biggest fear though, was that I would wash my quilt and it would completely fall apart. I’m happy to report it has been washed and it stayed completely intact!

Next on my list is to make a Christmas quilt that our family can snuggle up underneath to watch Christmas movies for years to come. That quilt will be a little bit better than this one, but still full of imperfections and that’s okay. So I’m curious, is there something you’ve been wanting to do but it’s hard and that alone is holding you back? Do you ever feel like you allow “things” to hold too much significance in your life? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Thanks friends for reading about what the Lord taught me through making a quilt!

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4 thoughts on “Lessons in Quilt Making”

  1. Beautifully written! Like you and many others, I too have an addiction to buying new things: new clothes, new hairstyle, new home decor, and I could go on. Thank you for that quote, “Things are meant to be used, people are meant to be loved.” This is but one short life we live, and I know I need to readjust my focus! It’s great how God uses people in our lives to speak to us! Thank you!
    Great job on the quilt! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Beautifully written piece. Its a great reminder to people about what the true important things are in life. You have turned the ‘quilt’ although a thing, into something way more special than just a thing. You are creating memories with it which is so heartwarming and beautiful. Loved reading this!

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