Mirror Makeover with Chalk Paint

Can I just say I love chalk paint? It’s seriously the best thing ever! I’ve now officially painted 4 things in our house over the last 2 weekends with chalk paint and they’re usually only one day jobs because it dries so fast! I make my own and it doubles the amount of paint I get which is another win! So first up on the blog is a mirror!

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

I got this mirror from my grandma. I have no idea who it belonged to before it made to our house I was just excited it was free! But the color wasn’t my favorite. Sometimes the bad part of getting older pieces is that they have a red/orange tone to them because that was what was popular and I myself am a cooler tone girl!

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

I figured I’d use some chalk paint to fix it up! First I taped some copy paper to cover the mirror with painter’s tape. Easy as pie!

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

Then I used Craft Smart brand acrylic paint in Ivory and mixed it with Plaster of Paris and water to make my chalk paint! I have a ton of the small 2 oz. bottles of craft paint in my craft closet so I just chose one that was a soft slightly yellow color because our master bedroom is grey, white, and yellow. That just kind of happened when my mom gave me their old set of sheets.

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

I painted one coat on. I thought I might go for 2 coats but I actually liked the wood peeking through a little bit and seeing the brush strokes, I felt like it gave it a more rustic look. To finish her off I just used some spray polycrylic to seal it.

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

The whole thing probably took an hour maybe an hour and a half. Just a super simple and easy way I spruced up an old mirror!

Until next time!

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6 thoughts on “Mirror Makeover with Chalk Paint”

  1. Your mirror turned out beautifully! I love chalk paint too. Isn’t it the best? Very forgiving, covers pretty much anything…looking forward to see what else you end up painting. 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! I’ve never heard of making it with baking soda but I got a huge amount of plaster of Paris for $10 and I haven’t even made a dent in it!

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