My Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy must have essential items to make your pregnancy easier! From lotion to apps this list is a necessity for any mama-to-be!

I think every mama-to-be discovers throughout her pregnancy a few things that make growing a human being a little bit easier! I thought I’d share with y’all my pregnancy must haves and maybe you can give them a try during your pregnancy and find that they could be one of yours too!

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 Coconut Water
After a day of my ankles being so swollen I could cry I started googling like a mad woman something, anything that would help with the swelling! As it turns out coconut water is a natural diuretic and so I gave it a shot and y’all it WORKS! Seriously I notice a huge difference if I don’t drink some one day. All it takes is one serving (and making sure I’m drinking plenty of regular water) to help my fingers go from little sausages to back to normal! Now I’ll be honest if you’ve never had coconut water it isn’t the tastiest beverage ever but to me it’s worth it if I’m not going to swell. The two flavors pictured are my favorite! Also you’ll probably find yourself making more potty trips to flush out the extra fluid causing your swelling (I know I didn’t think it was possible to need to go to the bathroom more while pregnant but it is). Out of this list I think this pregnancy must have was the most essential!
Essential items to make your pregnancy easier
I fought this for a little while not wanting to spend the money on a body pillow meant for pregnancy when I had a perfectly good regular body pillow. I’m so glad I finally broke down and bought one! I have one of the U-shaped ones and while I don’t sleep perfect every night I definitely sleep better than before! It helps to have something to put between my knees on either side of me without having to take my pillow with me (because turning over is already hard enough)! I’m also a back sleeper and most of the time this pillow keeps me on my side! I found mine for $35 at target online because I wasn’t willing to drop $50+ on a pillow! I’m seriously in love with this body pillow!
Essential pregnancy must have items to make your pregnancy easier
Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oils
This is honestly an all the time must have for me! I use these two essential oils to keep acne at bay and it works better than anything else I’ve ever used! I use the tea tree oil for spot treatments, it helps to take the redness out and gets rid of zits and irritated black heads a million times faster than any prescribed medicine I’ve tried. And I use the frankincense to help balance the PH of my skin by adding a drop to my moisturizer! I didn’t have issues with prenatal acne until I ran out of these and was slacking on ordering more, as soon as they came in it cleared right back up! I use Eden’s Garden because it’s the most reasonably priced and it works! (I know young living and doterra peeps really want to lecture me, sorry!)
As someone who has extremely dry skin (especially my legs) it’s difficult to find a lotion to keep my regular skin from feeling itchy let alone my stretched pregnancy skin! This lotion, however, is amazing! A friend of mine told me about and I fell in love the first time I used it! It’s rich but not too thick, and it has a slight coconut smell to it but I don’t find it to bother me and it fades pretty quickly after I put it on.
Must have items for surviving pregnancy
I think heartburn just comes with the territory, and at this point I think even water could give me heartburn! I like the berry flavored antacids and I make sure to carry some with me everywhere I go!
 Must have apps to help you survive pregnancy
  Pregnancy Apps
I actually surprised myself when I didn’t go buy every pregnancy book there is! I’ve only read one and it was textbook style book my midwife gave me but to be honest I’ve already forgotten a lot of the information. While I’ll probably refresh myself on the labor and delivery chapters I prefer to get most of my pregnancy info in smaller chunks from my apps! I had about 5 at first but I’ve narrowed it down to only checking my 2 favorites: The Bump and Ovia Pregnancy.
Must have apps to help you survive pregnancy The Bump is all about articles, often addressing common questions I have. A couple of new ones show up on the main page everyday. I really like their weekly updates of baby where it gives you baby’s size and weight along with how he/she is developing! And they have a really awesome 3D interactive feature!  Must have apps to help you survive pregnancy
Before getting pregnant I had the Ovia Fertility app to keep up with my periods (not because we were trying to get pregnant, that part was a surprise). I really liked that app so I figured I’d like their pregnancy app! It has more features than I even use! From tracking symptoms, weight and cravings to reminding you of your doctor appointments this app has so much to it! It also updates you on developmental progress baby is (most likely) making day to day on the main page. But my favorite part of the app is the food and medication safety look ups! This is a life saver for me! Can I have Havarti cheese? Hang on let me check my app real quick! It’s so great having that resource right at your finger tips!
So there are my pregnancy must haves! Do you have anything you’ve found to make your pregnancy easier? I’d love to know!
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Pregnancy must have essential items to make your pregnancy easier! From lotion to apps this list is a necessity for any mama-to-be!

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