New Year Resolutions + $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! [CLOSED]

We’re almost a week into the new year and I finally have had some time to sit and think about some of my new year resolutions and goals! Writing things down definitely helps to keep me accountable. Plus I figured sharing them with you all would help with accountability as well! Also don’t miss the amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post!

There are so many things I’d like to accomplish in my life but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by having too many resolutions. I also wanted them to be pretty concrete and attainable.

  • Spend time in God’s Word each day. I’ve gotten out the habit of spending time in His Word and it really affects me. But I’m excited about the bible study my small group is about to do and I plan on making this my top priority. If none of the other resolutions get met but this one does, that’s okay with me.
  • Make our bed everyday most days. Have you ever seen the video where the navy seal talks about making his bed each day? The idea is that doing one productive thing each morning will lead to doing more productive tasks through out the day. I’ve already been doing this and I must say it does work!
  • Self care once a week. Each week I plan on doing something for me! Whether that’s reading a book, going to bed early, whatever I feel would be good for my mind and body.
  • Spend less time on my phone. I really want to be more present during the day. It should be easy to put my phone down and walk away but unfortunately it’s not. I’m really looking into block scheduling so I can have specific times for the days where I can be on my phone. And the rest of the time I can spend being intentional with CB and my husband.
  • Complete one round of Whole 30. Starting Monday my best friend and I are going to do a round of Whole 30. I’m both nervous and excited! If you’ve done Whole 30 before and you have tips, send them my way!
  • Complete our Home Project Goals. I wrote a post on that Wednesday you can read them there! Plus there’s a cute free printable
  • Add more value to my readers lives. I love blogging! But if I’m not adding value to your life as a writer then there’s no real purpose behind it. While occasionally I may write something that’s more for me than you (because I also like keeping it real with y’all) my goal for the year is for each post to either be helpful/informative or encouraging/inspiring for you! This blog wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for you all. And I thank you for the bottom of my heart for that!


Now to the fun part, the giveaway! After the holidays we all know money can sometimes be a little tight. I’ve teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you this amazing giveaway. You can buy just about anything on Amazon, I mean you can buy groceries on Amazon! So how amazing would it be to get a $500 Amazon gift card?! Just simply enter below! The giveaway ends on 1/18/18, good luck!


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Home Project Goals- Free Printable

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