Nothing Fancy, Just Love & Flowers

My husband and I recently celebrated 10 years together. 5 years dating, 2 years engaged, 3 years married. I can’t believe the two 16-year-olds we once were, now have a house, a daughter, and a dog. And it feels as though it happened in the blink of an eye! And even though 10 years is quite the accomplishment, there honestly wasn’t much celebration had because life got in the way. Life seems to do that a lot for a military family like us. But you don’t need much for a thriving relationship, nothing fancy just love… and flowers. 

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In 10 years we’ve had many holidays, anniversaries (remember when you would celebrate each month you were together?), ups and downs. Through it all, from when he was just my boyfriend to now my husband, he often gets me flowers. 

FTD Flowers handcrafted, locally made and deliveredWhile he was deployed he missed a year’s worth of memories but he always made an effort to send me flowers. For our wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It was such a sweet sentiment delivered right to my front door even though he was in another country. I loved being able to admire his “I love you” on the kitchen table. 

FTD Flowers for any occastionAny occasion FTD Flowers

There really are fewer simple joys than fresh flowers on a kitchen table. Flowers are the perfect way to say you care for any occasion or even just because. And FTD Flowers makes the most gorgeous bouquets. No matter what you’re trying to say, FTD Flowers can arrange it into a meaningful bouquet. Each stem is intentionally chosen to articulate a special message, and bring people closer together. Their bouquets are locally handmade and delivered to your loved one by a FTD florist. To FTD Flowers it’s more than just flowers but the people receiving them that makes each bouquet so special.

We Can Arrange That FTD FlowersAfter 10 years of being together I know that while huge romantic gestures can be nice. They’re not really the backbone of a relationship, though. Neither is how big the house you live in, how many vacations you take together or how other people perceive your relationship. There’s just two things you need, nothing fancy, just love and flowers. 


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9 thoughts on “Nothing Fancy, Just Love & Flowers”

  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! This post is so sweet. 10 years is such a huge milestone. I count our dating and engaged years too. We worked for those. 🙂 Happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations!! These flowers are beautiful and how sweet that he sent you flowers while he was deployed,’I can’t imagine how hard that was!

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