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nursery closet dividers organization

While I was nesting and preparing for Cora Beth I got a little diy crazy! But in my swollen, exhausted pregnant self I had NO energy to blog so I’m finally getting around to sharing the smaller details of her nursery! While most of Cora Beth’s clothes are kept in her dresser I keep her nicer outfits in her closet! And I wanted some dividers to help separate the sizes but I didn’t want to buy any so I created these printable nursery closet dividers! The floral ones were made to go with Cora Beth’s floral nursery but I didn’t want to forget the boy mamas! Fingers crossed I’ll get to use the boy ones one day!

 While lately I’ve been painting a lot of flowers like for this spring print and this Mother’s Day card, I wasn’t painting while pregnant and therefore the flowers on the girl nursery closet dividers were a free download from Gold and Berry.

girl nursery closet dividers

I chose to make mine double sided, you certain don’t have to if you don’t want to! But if you’d like your’s double sided as well I’m going to show you how!

boy nursery closet dividers

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Printed Nursery Closet Dividers (2 of each) on cardstock

Scissors (this pair is my favorite, they have a safety lock!)

Double sided tape

Corner punch (optional)

How to:

Start by printing out the dividers on cardstock, you’ll want two of each size

Next cut out the dividers

When it comes to cutting out the circle you’ll want to make your through cut on opposite sides so that when you place them together it’ll make one single slot for it to hang on the closet (see picture).

diy nursery closet dividers

This is totally optional but I used a corner punch to round out the edges of the dividers.

Lastly place double sided tape on one of the dividers and place the two sides together!

Be sure to place your tape in the corners and press down firmly.

Then simply repeat for all the sizes and then hang in your baby’s closet!

nursery closet dividers organization  I hope these nursery closet dividers will help to keep your little’s clothes organized! The sizes are newborn to 24 months. They have been so great in helping keep my baby’s clothes in order! And girlfriend has a ton of clothes, especially from her baby shower! Seriously there were some 0-3 month clothes she never even got a chance to wear before she grew out of them, just stick to a bunch of pjs if you ask me!

printable nursery closet dividers

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Make these DIY nursery closet dividers from a free printable! Available for both boys and girls sizes Newborn to 24 months!

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      1. Thank you so much I was about to buy some in Esty but I thought it was to much so I came across your page.I’m so thankful I did

  1. These dividers are definitely a good idea when they are that young and we wind up having so many different sizes at one time. Especially after baby showers you get a huge range of sizes.

  2. In the picture of the nursery on this post, where did you find the small book shelf beside the crib? I love it and it’s small enough for my nursery!

    1. Hey Liz! My best friend actually had a set of two and she only needed one so she gave one to me! They were given to her by a lady at her work. I’m so sorry I can point you in a better direction!

  3. The dividers are adorable, but I cannot figure out how to download the printable on them. Can you help me on that? Thanks!

  4. Same here. I’m suscribed to the blog, but I couldn’t find the password to download the template. Can you help me? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Laura Kate! I love these closet organizers- you did a beautiful job on them. I’ve been trying to connect with you through your email sign up for a while now and it hasn’t worked. I’m dying to print these for myself and best bud (we’re both pregnant with our first girls at the same time!!). Can you help me subscribe please?

    1. Once you enter the password and get access to the library you’ll just click on the picture of whichever printable you’re trying to download and it should open a new page. I hope that helps, if not feel free to email me!

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