One Ingredient Dog Treats from Barkworthies

Disclosure: I received product for free in exchange for a review from  Barkworthies. However, all opinions of tasty dog treats are completely mine own (or I guess better to say Lady’s)!

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? I hadn’t heard of it until this year but apparently it’s been going on since 1973! While this isn’t a food blog I do care a lot about what I eat! My diet includes lots of fruits, veggies, healthy fats and protein and has minimal dairy and grains! I try to make as many meals and snacks at home as I can but some things just have to be from a package and when it is I try to make sure it has as few ingredients as possible! 

Since having Cora Beth poor Lady hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as she use to but she’s been a great big sister and would lick Cora Beth’s face all day if I’d let her! To make up for the lack of attention I try to give her special treats! And just like I care about what I eat I also care about what Lady eats! We try to limit grains and corn in Lady’s diet and because of an allergy her protein is limited to fish & rabbit. It can make it a little tricky to find dog food and treats to meet her needs! 

Your dog is sure to love these one ingredient treats!


 However, I’m pleased to say Barkworthies has made it so easy for me to feel confident about giving Lady a healthy treat that I know doesn’t have any junk in it! Same as the food I eat I don’t want a bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce in my food I don’t want it in her’s and their Salmon Skin Roll-Ups have ONE ingredient in them, salmon! It doesn’t get much more simple than that! There no additives, chemicals or preservatives of any kind plus salmon helps to give her supple skin and a glossy coat, win win! And surprisingly they don’t have a fishy smell to them!

Simple and Healthy One Ingredient Dog Treats!

 I seriously couldn’t be more pleased with these treats and Lady is an even bigger fan of them! National Nutrition Month is so important for us but let’s not forget about our sweet furkids! I want Lady around for a long time so her and Cora Beth can run and play together! 

Your pup is sure to love these one ingredient dog treats from Barkworthies! They help to make dogs' coat shinny and keep them healthy!

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