Organizing Your Pantry For Cheap

\At random times I’ll get bit by the organization bug and one day it was for the pantry. But first a back story! Then we’ll get to the part of organizing your panty for cheap, sound good?

Because who doesn’t love a good back story?

Organizing Your Pantry For Cheap

When we first moved into our house the pantry door (and the pantry itself) was straight up gross! To be honest I didn’t really feel like dealing with the door at the time so we took it off and stuck it in the attic where it still remains to this day.

and probably until the day we move out


So because there isn’t a door, everything in my pantry is out in the open for all the world to see at all times. Therefore it was my immediate mission to make it look pretty! And being the cheap and practical person I am I went to dollar tree to help me solve the problem.

I picked up a bunch of baskets and while they’re not my favorite thing in the world, they were only a $1 per, they’re white, and I can always get more if I need to. So I cleared everything out, threw away what I no longer needed and then group everything into like categories.

Organizing Your Pantry For Cheap
Lady even got her own basket!

Next labels! Because labeling things are fun! I found this really awesome site Worldlabel Blog where they link up free downloads of labels that bloggers have made all in one place! Seriously they have a label for everything. You can find the labels I used here.

They offer prewritten and blank in both black and teal! Once you download them you can edit the blank ones for any categories that aren’t already listed! I taped mine and they’re holding great! The whole thing might have taken me an hour and cost $15 (plus tax of course). And now it looks so pretty in there and I smile every time I go to grab something!

mostly because: food, but you get the point

I hope that you’ll find some inspiration to get your pantry organized because it makes life easier and it impresses guest (I know this from experience)!

Organizing Your Pantry For Cheap

So have I changed your weekend plans to organizing? Tell us in the comments!

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