Our Heavenly Father’s Good Gift

Christmas is quickly approaching and I often get frustrated that as a society we’ve created Christmas to be about gifts, songs, movies and decorations. We’ve changed the symbol of Christmas from a cross to a tree.



On Friday we found out that some plans that we were so hoping would happen have fallen through. But we’re trusting that God’s plan is bigger and better than what we can even imagine. We know that because what we had planned didn’t happen it’s because He has something far greater in store. God so graciously reminded me of this verse. I know how wonderful His gifts are (even though I have a tendency to forget). However, if He never gave me another gift as long as I’m here on Earth I’d be okay. If like Job, all that I had went away overnight, I know I’d be okay. Why? Because the greatest gift of all time has all ready been given:

 The birth, life, and death of Jesus and the promise of eternity that He holds.

That’s all we will ever need. That’s what I’m clinging to, not the gifts I’ll open up on Christmas Day. I hope this is what you’re clinging to as well, sweet sister! I also hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

I’m going to be taking the next two weeks to spend with family. Lady and I will see you next year!

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