Our Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

easy to do inexpensive kitchen updates

The best remedy for when you’re down about where you’re at is to look at how far you’ve come. While our house is far from where I’d ideally like it to be I’m having so much with the process of getting it there! The room that’s seen the most TLC is our kitchen. I didn’t want to call this post a “makeover” because, well, in my mind that would mean new floors, new appliances, etc. When what we’ve really done is just a few inexpensive kitchen updates!

Before we go any farther let’s look at what we started with, you might not want to look directly at these pictures.

I told you it was bad. It doesn’t help that I just left all our junk on the counters for y’all to see. And I’d like to lie and say that the orange wall was there when we moved in but no. I chose to have that there, it was a grave mistake. Let’s just move along and pretend it didn’t happen…

Our Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

Here’s the kitchen today.

simple inexpensive kitchen updatesinexpensive kitchen updates on a budgetMuch easier on the eyes! The inexpensive kitchen updates that we did were paint the walls, paint the cabinets, add temporary wallpaper as a back splash, redid the kitchen table and swapped out the bar stools.

rustic inexpensive kitchen updates


Painting a room is really simple, we went with the color Royal Gray by Valspar. Sometimes it does look gray but it’s most definitely more a blue which is what I wanted. This is the only room in our house that the walls are not a neutral and I love that it makes the kitchen stand out.

We also painted the pantry in Dolphin Fin by Behr. I wanted the pantry to be a neutral so that if we ever decided to paint the kitchen again the pantry wouldn’t need to be painted again also. My organization system has changed some since my organizing your pantry for cheap post but for the most part it’s still the same.

easy to do inexpensive kitchen updatesdiy inexpensive kitchen updates


When I painted the cabinets I lucked out and got the paint for $13 a gallon at a Habitat for Humanity Restore. But even so it’s still a fairly inexpensive project just time consuming. We have 20 cabinet doors so it took me about 3 weeks to get both the fronts and backs painted. After about 2 years they’re still holding up great! I never did blog about how I painted them but I followed the same process as I did in my bathroom cabinets post.

painted and stained kitchen table makeover diy


One of my favorite projects and one that I’m most proud of is our painted and stained kitchen table. I wrote all about it in a blog post that you can read the details and how to there.

diy painted and stained kitchen table makoverI also added this DIY faux framed chalkboard that I just love. You can read about that project in a blog post as well.

farmhouse inexpensive kitchen updates


My parents were kind enough to let us borrow some extra bar stools of their’s for awhile. Having something there was certainly better than nothing for extra seating until we could afford to replace them. I was so excited to find these tractor seat bar stools at Marshall’s one day for $50 a piece! Here’s some that are similar though if you like the style (affiliate link). They really are the most comfortable bar stools and we lucked out big time with the price.

how to do inexpensive kitchen updates

inexpensive kitchen updates


The most recent inexpensive kitchen update I did was put up a temporary wall paper back splash. Yep, that subway tile isn’t real. I purchased the wallpaper from Target, I ended up having to get two rolls. It was a little tricky making sure the patterned lined up but other than that it was quite an easy project. And it’s pretty convincing for the real thing even in person.

best inexpensive kitchen updatesOne project that is still on my to do list is to paint the grout. It needs it badly, which I already knew. But after seeing these pictures it got bumped up on my to do list. I’d love to one day take the tile out and have the flooring be all the same through out the house. It would really make it feel bigger in my opinion.

I’d also love to replace our appliances. We did replace our dishwasher with money from our wedding because the one that was here when we moved in was so old. I’m not sure the redoing of the floors or updating appliance will happen during our ownership of the house or not. We plan to be here for several more years but those things cost quite a bit of money.

Either way this little kitchen of ours has come a long way with just a few inexpensive updates. I love seeing my decorating style evolve and grow. It never ceases to amaze me what a big difference painting something can make. And I’m proof that you don’t need a complete gut with a demo day to have a beautiful kitchen you love! Just a few inexpensive kitchen updates can make your home go from builder grade to beautiful!


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It takes just a few inexpensive kitchen updates to take your kitchen from builder grade to beautiful. DIY your way to a new kitchen without breaking budget.

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  1. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets desperately, but it seems so overwhelming – also, I’m afraid these dirty little boys of mine would destroy white cabinets. But I LOVE your kitchen so much!

  2. Looking to paint my cupboards too. I want to use chalk paint as well with polycrilic. Wondering if they held up well for you.
    Thanks for the great post.

  3. Thus post has helped me do much! Thank you for this…..can you tell me the color you used got the kitchen cabinets?

    1. I actually got the paint from habitat for humanity restore. It was a close out paint from Lowe’s so unfortunately I’m not sure of the exact color, I’m sorry! Glad the post helped though!

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