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New Year Resolutions + $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! [CLOSED]

We’re almost a week into the new year and I finally have had some time to sit and think about some of my new year resolutions and goals! Writing things down definitely helps to keep me accountable. Plus I figured sharing them with you all would help with accountability as well! Also don’t miss the amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post!

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Home Project Goals- Free Printable

It’s a new year which means New Year resolutions and goals are being made! While I’m still trying to figure out all the goals I have for 2018 there’s one area I have several, home project goals. A whole list in fact! I recently read that if you write your goals down for the new year you’re 40% more likely to achieve them. And why not make it cute to display on the fridge so I’ll see them often? I thought you might have some home project goals of your own so check the bottom of this post on how to get your own free printable!

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Introducing Clear the Clutter Challenge

Right about now you’ve either gotten all your holiday decorations up or are about to. Maybe it’s just me but this time of year I become hyper aware of how unorganized my home is. Probably because we’ve brought more things into our home from Christmas presents and now we have to find somewhere to put them. But our closets seemed to be filled to the brim. It’s easy to close the door and say we’ll do it later.

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A Year of Motherhood- What I Felt I Got Right In Baby’s First Year

What I felt I got right in baby's first year.

After writing about what I would do differently in my baby’s first year it was easy to feel a little down about myself as a mom. So to change my outlook I want to write a counter post about what I felt I did right in my baby’s first year. After all we’re all just doing the best we can to be the best mama we can be to our babies. So just as inevitably that we’ll get some things wrong along the way we’ll also get some things right! Here’s what I feel I got right with my little one.

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A Year of Motherhood- What I’d Do Differently In Baby’s First Year

It’s weird to type out that I’ve been a mom for a year now. It was probably the fastest, yet best year of my life! You know how they say hindsight is 20/20? There are several moments in my life where I’ve known that to be true.  Motherhood is definitely one of those! If I could go back in time there are a few things I think I would do differently during my baby’s first year.

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5 Gifts that Give Beyond the Holidays- For All Ages!

the gift of cord blood banking


 The season of giving is upon us friends! It’s time for the bottom of our trees to slowly fill with gifts for those we love. And to see their faces light up on Christmas when they open them! How great would it be to keep that look of joy on their face going beyond the holidays? Too often our gifts end up in the back of a closet, drawer or cabinet just a few months after Christmas. Instead I propose giving a gift that’ll last the whole year (or possibly longer!). In fact I’ve got 5 gift ideas that keep on giving after the holidays and they work for just about all ages!

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A Simple Christmas Decor Tour

Well it certainly took me a lot longer to finish putting up my decorations for Christmas than I thought it would! We put our tree up on November 1st and I didn’t finish decorating it until like December 5th. I tell you toddlers make every job just a tad harder! Now that it’s finally up and as done as it’s going to get I figured I’d share! So here is my simple Christmas decor tour!

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Pink and Red Girl Nursery Christmas Decor + Free Reindeer Names Printable

I always loved having a Christmas tree in my room as a kid. There’s just something about falling asleep to the glow of a Christmas tree. So, I knew I wanted to put one up in CB’s room this year! Even though she doesn’t sleep in her nursery, ha! But we’re working on it and she’s started napping in there at least.  And, of course for my girl’s nursery Christmas decor I just had to go with a pink and red theme with a nod to Santa’s reindeer and toys!

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How to Change Up Your Wood Framed Sign- for less than $5!

So I have to admit, this is probably one of my more genius ideas. And I’m just so glad it worked! I love, I mean really love a good wood framed sign. Every good farmhouse has one and they make me feel like I’m channeling my inner Joanna Gaines. My main problem with them? Well maybe it’s no so much my problem with the sign as it is my own problem, but I don’t like that you can’t change them up with out replacing the sign entirely and well they typically run around $50. Not overly expensive but not super cheap either. Luckily in my stroke of genius I figured out a way to change up all of our wood framed signs and the best part is it’ll cost you about $5 (maybe even a little less)!

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