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Breastfeeding Essentials Guide

It’s crazy to think almost a year ago I shared my pregnancy must haves on the blog! Now a little over 9 months into motherhood and breastfeeding I thought I’d share a guide of my breastfeeding essentials. Each breastfeeding experience with each mom and baby is different which is so amazing to me and once our journey is over I plan to share about it. In the meantime, here are the products I’ve found to help!

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Less Time In the Kitchen, More Time with Family

Truth be told I’m not a great cook. On a regular week night we typically have grilled or baked chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and some green beans. Quick and easy but far from exciting. When Garrett was deployed I was cooking solely for myself and therefore I could cook once and eat for a week. And when it’s just you, you don’t seem to care quite as much as long as you eat (especially with a crying baby in the next room)! 

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Embracing Co-sleeping

embracing co-sleeping

I recently heard someone say the first rule for sleep in their house is they don’t talk about it. Because as soon as they do her kids throw her for a loop! How true is that?! Sleep is such a talked about topic with babies. It seems as soon as their born people start asking you if their sleeping through the night (insert eye roll) and how often their napping.

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Take Chances Make Mistakes Get Messy- Free Printable

I think we can all agree Netflix is a great invention (hello Friends reruns any time I want)! Not just for adults but kids too, have you seen what’s on there? So many of my childhood favorites, Jem and the Holograms and Magic School Bus among several classic movies as well! Don’t lie, you know you got excited in elementary school when the teacher showed an episode of Ms. Frizzle and her adventurous class! 

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A Cozy Place to Play When You Have No Playroom

Babies and toddlers have quite a bit of stuff, including toys! I’ve found that as Cora Beth is starting to play and move around more I wanted her to have a cozy place to play in our home where all her toys would be corralled together. Unfortunately there is no playroom in our 1300 sq ft home. And I won’t lie scrolling through Pinterest makes me quite envious of those that do! There are some super, super cute and functional ones out there! Maybe in our next home? But until then I needed to get creative for a solution to our no playroom problem!

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Hale Navy Painted Hutch Makeover

painted hutch hale navy diy

This hutch is a goodie y’all! It is at least 60 years old and it makes me so happy! I just love pieces that have a story. Turns out this hutch has a great one and it’s dear to my heart! My maternal grandmother got this hutch when her and my grandfather first started “keeping house”. I’m not totally positive if they received it new or if it was passed down to them.

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Leaving the House with Baby Made Easier Thanks to Binxy Baby

Does anyone actually go into motherhood full prepared? I’m pretty the answer is a resounding no. But I think there are some aspects of being a parent that we are more or less prepared for. There are a lot of areas I felt under prepared for but the top three of those? 1. How much I would question myself. 2. How hard breastfeeding would be. 3. How hard it would be to leave the house with a baby. 

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Thank You- Printable Post Card

Have you ever heard that the word love is overused and therefore it looses a little bit of its significance? Saying I love a top I just bought dulls the word a bit when I say I love my husband. While I truly do love my husband I can’t say I truly “love” the top but I do like it a lot. I think the same goes a bit for the word thank you. Sometimes it just gets toss out there.  Continue reading

My Body Is Still Not My Own After Pregnancy

During pregnancy we sacrifice our bodies for our babies. I did so with a joyful heart, I loved feeling my little girl wiggle about (although time may have faded just how bad my swelling was!). However, a part of me was glad I was going to get my body “back”. I’m not talking about working out to try and look like my pre-pregnancy self. I actually was very fortunate and I pretty much went right back down (breastfeeding perk!). What I was looking forward to was not having a baby attached to me any longer. Ha, I was so wrong there! 

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