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Mirror Makeover with Chalk Paint

Can I just say I love chalk paint? It’s seriously the best thing ever! I’ve now officially painted 4 things in our house over the last 2 weekends with chalk paint and they’re usually only one day jobs because it dries so fast! I make my own and it doubles the amount of paint I get which is another win! So first up on the blog is a mirror!

Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

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Lustful for Things

Before coming to know Jesus I tried to fill the God-sized hole in my heart with things. I was lustful for things, clothes I wouldn’t wear, journals I wouldn’t even write in, candles I wouldn’t burn. You name it, if it was pretty I wanted it. Now that I know Jesus as my Savior I know that no amount of stuff can bring me joy, only He can do that. But my habit of wanting things is a harder habit to kick than I thought. When I have a bad day I can sometimes find myself wanting to go buy something to make me feel better instead of just turning to God in prayer.

lustful for things
ashley ella design

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Christmas Home Tour 2015

It honestly doesn’t even seem like Christmas is NEXT week, WHAT?! Between my mission trip in the Dominican with 90 degree weather to it being in the 70’s here at home and then add in that this year has straight up gone by way to fast I’m just plum not ready for Christmas to be here! And I LOVE Christmas. But it’s coming whether I’m ready for it or not!

Christmas Home Tour

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Deck the Halls with a Free Christmas Printable

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Thank you for letting me take a week and a half off for my mission trip (post coming soon)  and then to get my life back to normal! I’m still in the process of finishing up decorating for Christmas but cross your fingers and your toes I’ll be able to show you on Monday! To hold you over until then I’ve created a free printable for you!

Deck the Halls
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Happy Thanksgiving friends! I’m beyond blessed and unfortunately sometimes I forget that until this time of year rolls around.

Since starting back up blogging around mid October and really giving this a go I’ve had over 2,000 views and around 1,000  visitors to my little space in the vastness that is the internet and it is blowing me away! So for those of you taking the time to read this or any of my other posts, I am thankful for you. I can’t wait to see how this blog and myself continue to grow!

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DIY Cake Stand

This is diy is so simple I almost feel silly posting it. It’s also nothing new, I feel like you could consider this a #throwbackthursday of Pinterest. It seems like there is a handful of projects I specifically remember the first time I logged into Pinterest, this is definitely one of them. But sometimes it nice to do something simple and east yet still beautiful!

DIY Cake Stand

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