Puppy’s First Christmas Ornament

I’ll go ahead and say it, I really really dislike cheesy ornaments (I didn’t use hate because my daddy taught me that hate is strong word).

Puppy's First Christmas Ornament

When Garrett and I decide to have children they’ll have their own Christmas tree for their ornaments to go on. Not that I wont appreciate the 5 “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments will probably get per kid it’s just that I can’t have precious moments clashing with my d├ęcor theme. So instead of buying an ornament from Pet Smart that says dog’s first Christmas I made my own. It’s simple, classic, it even looks a little vintage, and it goes with my tree!

This project cost me about $3. I purchased the frame ornament from Michael’s for a little over a dollar. I cut the ribbon it came with off so I could paint it a pearl white (Martha Stewart brand that I already had). Then I snapped a pic of my pup, turned it black and white, printed it off on cardstock, and taped it to the back of the frame. To finish it off I wrote the year in paint pen and tied my own pretty ribbon on it! The other $2.50 comes in from what ever fraction of costs I used from the ribbon and paint pen I used.

It looks so good on my tree and our little fur baby has an ornament from her first Christmas so we can remember it forever!

Puppy's First Christmas Ornament

Until next time!

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