Second Trimester Recap

I hit 28 weeks this past Thursday, officially putting me in my third trimester! And no one is more surprised than me that this pregnancy has flown by so far! Although I have a feeling it’ll start to slow down as I approach my due date!

I thought it might be fun to recap my second trimester more for me to be able to go back and read later on as I start to forget than for any other reason! I wish I had thought to do it with my first trimester but it was basically 13 weeks of exhaustion and some nausea.

My second trimester was June 2nd-September 15th!

Cravings: I surprisingly I haven’t had a I NEED this NOW craving that I feel like everyone talks about with pregnancy. To be totally honest it’s hard for me to even find something that sounds good to eat for most meals. A couple of things that I have been craving are apples, cheese and crackers, carrots and ranch, smoothies, salads, salsa (homemade), turkey bacon, and juicy fruits like oranges. I usually eat eggs or oatmeal (or both) for breakfast and I’ve been having one cup of coffee in the mornings. Lunch is random, lately its been a pb&j with veggies and ranch. I’m hardly hungry for dinner most nights so I’ll just snack on something like an apple with peanut butter! Although there are a few days every now and then when I’m starving, I’m guessing Cora Beth is doing a lot of growing on those days!

Cora Beth’s movements: I’m pretty much feeling her kick and wiggle all throughout the day, there are times when she sleeps but it’s usually not for very long. She seems to have her head on my left side, her hands are underneath my belly button and her feet are on my right side. When she stretches out and kicks it can sometimes tickle because she’s so close to my side! She’s the most active as soon as I lay down in bed or after I eat!

Changes in my body: obviously my bump is growing bigger each week and I love it! I’ve gain 16 lbs so far (I don’t say that to brag just to document) which I was really worried I’d gain too much weight. However, I hear your third trimester is really when you put most of it on so we’ll see how it goes! So far I only have a couple stretch marks but I do have a lot more spider veins on my legs which I’m not too thrilled about….

It’s getting harder to sleep, I’m naturally a back sleeper and I still wake up on my back a couple times per night and have to roll over to one of my sides. My theory is I attempt to roll to my other side and I just get stuck on my way over! I did get a pregnancy body pillow and it has helped quite a bit!

Some days I feel like I’m lugging a bowling ball around and others I can forget that I’m pregnant (I don’t know how but I do!). Although I’m sure as Cora Beth continues to grow it’ll be harder and harder to forget. Also my energy changes from day to day, some days I have enough to clean the whole house and then some and others I could take 3 naps and still be exhausted!

Nesting: It has definitely kicked in! I’m so ready for my baby shower so I can start organizing everything and see what all I need to go buy! I did manage to clean out our fridge, pantry, under the kitchen sink, our bathroom cabinets, the linen closet in our bathroom and the hall closet and I got all of those organized!

How Lady is handling it: For the most part she could care less! But she does like to sniff everything I bring home for Cora Beth and she likes to hang out in her room! I’m pretty sure Lady will think we’ve brought Cora Beth home for her though!

Other: Several life events have also happened during my second trimester. I turned 25, I sent my husband off on deployment and my grandmother passed away (all of that happening in August, it was a bittersweet month). We did take some maternity pictures before Garrett left, my bump wasn’t very big at all but I still wanted some with him in them! I plan on taking some probably in October too!

 I think that just about covers most of it!

Monroe Imagery

I canNOT wait to meet this sweet little girl! It’s still so surreal to me most days that I’m pregnant and that Garrett and I will be parents soon! I will say though that as excited as I am to meet her it makes me a little bit sad that it will no longer just be Garrett and I. We’ve been together 9 years this month (married 2) so it’s just second nature to me for it to be me and him and now our whole world is going to change, but in the best possible way!

I’m hoping to recap my third trimester sometime in November before she arrives!

Until next time,

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