Third Trimester Recap

I can’t believe my pregnancy has come and gone and I now have an adorable 6 week old daughter (it’s still hard to wrap my brain around that I’m a mom)! I miss being pregnant a little bit and am already looking forward to the day we grow our family even more, although it will hopefully be a couple years!

My third trimester was September 16th – November 21st! 

Cravings: Just like with my second trimester I didn’t really have any major cravings. However, I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving food, particularly sweet potato casserole! My diet stayed about the same eggs or oatmeal (or both) for breakfast and one cup of coffee in the mornings. Lunch usually pb&j with veggies and ranch. I was hardly hungry for dinner most nights so I’d just snack on something like an apple with peanut butter! I did start to eat out more in my third trimester, I got a little lazy and wasn’t really feeling like cooking or preparing food. I did still try to make healthier choices like salads.

Cora Beth’s movements: She continued to party all day and night in there! I found out she really liked when I listened to music especially Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (I was so proud)! Her most active time continued to be right when I laid down for bed.

Changes in my body: Y’all! I got to be SO swollen! For the most part I really enjoyed being pregnant until I hit about 34/35 weeks and my feet and ankles blew up! I couldn’t handle the swelling. None of my shoes fit and I had to go out and buy a pair of slippers from Walmart to wear around! Overall I gained around 40 lbs total, it was a little more than I had originally hoped but I think a lot of it was the fluid I was retaining (I’ve magically lost all the weight though so I guess 40 lbs wasn’t too bad afterall).


My super swollen feet 2 days before Cora Beth was born, it was bad y’all!

I was getting up around 3 times a night to go to the bathroom luckily I stopped working when I was 34 weeks so I could sleep in as late as I needed! And I stayed surprisingly active the last few weeks cleaning and getting things ready for her arrival, and partly because I started to get bored!

Nesting: Thankfully I had her room completely ready before she came! I was hoping to get the nursery on the blog before she was born but since she came early that didn’t happen! I was waiting on my sister-in-law to mail me her crib skirt before taking pictures and it came in the mail the day she was born! I plan on getting a post of it up soon though! My sister thought I was a little neurotic because I had her car seat already installed and hospital bags (mostly) packed by 36 weeks but it ended up working out since she came 2 ½ weeks early!

I wanted to recap my third trimester like I did my second. I was hoping to do it closer to her due date before she came while it was still fresh in my mind but she ended up coming at 37 weeks! I’ll be posting her birth story soon with all the details! I still can’t believe she’s here!

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